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Waybreaker Ministries|United States

Jesus Christ might return TODAY !! Yes, it's the blessed hope of over 1 billion Christians around the world. This is the promise of God, and He cannot lie. Lift up your heads brothers and sisters; listen for the sound of the trumpet.

Waybreaker Ministries is new on cross.tv and has no activities yet. Would you like to send a contact invitation and leave a little welcoming message, helping Waybreaker Ministries feel welcome in the cross.tv family?

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WAYBREAKER MINISTRIES Just a dog caught in a fence ~ Jesus rescued me 50 years ago, and I've been riding shotgun ever since ~ http://www.godvine.com/Police-Officer-Saves-a-Dog-Stuck-in-a-Fence-The-End-Will-Blow-You-Away-1052.html Policeman Saves a Dog Stuck | more

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