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Woodrow Elmore

Woodrow|United States

I am the President of a ministry called Sky Eagle TV. It's a 24 hour enter-net tv program. You can find it at www.skyeagletv.com then click on live tv. Please read my Blog for some more info on this ministry vision. God bless you!

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Please pray for www.skyeagletv.com it is the biggest outreach toward our fist nations people in America. Only 6% of Native American people have been reached for our Lord Jesus Christ. Pray |more

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Native American Outreach.

Oct 17, 2012

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Native American Out Reach

Skyeagletv.com is the biggest Native American outreach towards Native Americans. Spreading the good news of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. Out of 556 federally recognized tribes & 2 1/2 million first nations people in America, only 6% has been reached for Jesus Christ.

   For the most part, it takes Natives to reach Natives. There is not many Native American ministers out there in the media, & those who are out there are promoting the traditional ways mixing it with the gospel. There is nothing wrong about our culture. Out culture is how we lived, what we ate, our fish traps, our hunting & our language. It's the traditional part that was wrong. My people worshiped the creation more than the creator. But sky eagle tv is the first of it's kind! It is Native American song writers, ministers, preachers  & pastors all with the goal of lifting up the name of Jesus, & to reach out to our people.

   The Open channel on NBCNews.com had put together by Stephanie Woodard. She concluded that the suicide rate of Native American teens is 19 times More frequent than that of any other ethnic groups. They by far suffer the most extreme poverty, hunger, alcoholism, family divorce, family violence, & Diabetes are sky high. Unemployment rates 80 percent on most reservations.

   But there is an answer to all of this, & it's is the person of Jesus Christ. The Bible has answers to all of life's problems. Our first nations people need Jesus Christ, they have been forgotten about, over looked & looked down upon. But thru sky eagle tv they are able to see their own first nations people singing & preaching about Jesus Christ. They will listen to another Native American, they will hear their songs & the gospel of Jesus Christ will make a change in their lives. Gods Word will not return unto him void, but it will accomplish what it was sett out to do.

   I am asking you to partner with me & help me reach out to the Native American people by supporting sky eagle tv, we are reaching out to all people, but it really takes first nations people to reach our Native American people. You can help by going to www.skyeagletv.com then click on the donation button and give a donation, we are just starting out & we have a big job because only 6% have been reached for Jesus Christ. So please help us reach the remaining 94% for our Lord Jesus Christ! 

Thank you, & God bless you.

Evangelist Woodrow Elmore.