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Gleaned from "Sefer Shmiras HaLoshon" (Book of Guarded Speech): Even if one has become overcome by his evil inclination so that forbidden talk pours from his lips carelessly, through proper study and review of the relevant laws of...

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THE PRAYER OF FAITH & WHY WE PRAY THE WORD (By Christine Darg and partners of Exploits Ministry) Father in Heaven, you have revealed in your word that the PRAYER OF FAITH moves your |more

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New Year’s Prophetic Summons In Jerusalem 1-5 January 2009
Theme: Anointing the Myrrh-Bearing Women with Evangelist Christine Darg
Jesus’ female followers were part of his traveling company of 70 disciples and 120 believers in the Upper Room. Some of these brave and faithful women took ointments to His empty tomb. Hence in the Middle Eastern Churches, they are called the Holy Myrrh-Bearing Women. We know seven by name: Mary Magdalene; Joanna; Susanna; Salome of Galilee; Mary, wife of Cleopas; Martha and Mary of Bethany. Some were high profile ladies of substance; others were simple women who had sat at the feet of Yeshua or who had been delivered from depths of darkness and hopelessness. Women of God are called from every kind of background.

An Esther Company of at least 70 women, who through our experiences of both myrrh (pain) and sweet odors (resurrection life), still travel with Yeshua to watch upon the sacred walls of Jerusalem!
Husbands and male intercessors are also welcome! In fact, the Gospels record two Myrrh-Bearing Men, Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus.
O heralds of good tidings, Say to Zion: “Accept from us the joyful announcement of the resurrection of Messiah! O Jerusalem, rejoice, and leap for joy! For you have seen the King, coming out of the tomb, and Behold, He comes now as the Fair Bridegroom!"
The leadership team and speakers will include:
• Christine Darg, Evangelist and Prayer Leader
• Lance Lambert, Avi Lipkin, International Conference Speakers
• Kate Hess, Jerusalem House of Prayer
• Worship Leaders Merv & Merla Watson and many others
*Land Package based upon two sharing in a double room: $640/£320 in 4* hotel, two meals per day, including gala Erev Shabbat meal, touring, Ramparts walk. Single supplement $250/£125
*Special pre and post conference accommodations: $50/£25 in double or $ 78/£39 in single
* For credit card payments add 4%
For further information and airlines reservations contact: tours@amitravel.com

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Deliverance from Evil Spirits is Part of the Gospel!

Written by Christine Darg    Friday, 29 July 2011 06:10 Have you heard the expression…. the eyes are the windows of the soul?  Many times if you are a discerning believer, you can see the presence of | more

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