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Overcoming Strangling of Prophetic Voice

Aug 22, 2011

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By Christine Darg

We all have walks to walk in the Spirit that we haven't yet walked. I have a walk and a vision to fulfill that only I can walk into; you have a walk and a destiny that only you can fulfill. We cannot walk somebody else's faith assignments; neither can they walk ours.


We have progressions of faith and need to take the next step. The man of God and the woman of God, after receiving direction from the Lord, must resist doubt and unbelief and press ahead into our own personalized exploits preordained by God. As we walk with God, we begin to know him better, and we can say confidently that he is not slack concerning any of his promises.


In the early years of my ministry, I had to learn to overcome an infirmity of losing my voice. After I had gone by faith to Africa and had become a member of Reinhard Bonnke’s team, I had an opportunity to preach one Sunday morning in Abijan, the capital of the Ivory Coast. On the previous day, I began losing my voice, and by Saturday night my voice was completely gone.


The devil whispered to me, "Don’t go tomorrow morning because you will make a fool of yourself when you stand up in front of the congregation and croak." The devil insisted, "You had better stay in your hotel room and rest." But I whispered or mouthed, “In the Name of Jesus, I resist Satan and his suggestions to silence the Gospel."


Sunday morning came, and I was still voiceless. I knew this was a personal test of faith. I resolved within myself, "I am going to that meeting, and I will give the message the Lord has given to me on the Blood of Jesus. I believe that when I stand up to speak, I shall have my voice back, in Jesus' Name."

When the pastor's car arrived to fetch me, the devil seemed to stand at the door and snarled, "You little fool! You cannot possibly hope that you are going to have a voice." I mouthed a whisper, "It is written, I can do all things through Christ, who gives me the strength!"


When I arrived at the church, my spirit leapt. The church was across the street from a four-minaret mosque. I felt such a challenge from the Holy Spirit to strengthen this particular Body of Messiah whose neighbors needed to be won to Yesua Messia, Jesus Christ!


As I sat on the platform, the devil said, "You will soon be making a public spectacle of yourself when you attempt to speak but stand there muted. You had better signal now to the pastor for somebody else to preach. You'll never make it."


Discouragement is the devil’s favorite tool! Don’t allow him to use it against you! Thank God, I refused to listen. By faith I was silently mouthing the worship songs. As soon as I was called to the pulpit and the microphone, by faith, I opened my mouth wide, and the Lord filled it with a voice strong enough for both the message and the ministry time. Hallelu-Yah! Many people came forward for salvation, healing and other ministry of impartation for evangelism. And to think that the devil tried to rob me of this wonderful experience!


God was requiring me to stretch my faith in this situation, to believe and trust in his power. 2 Cor. 4: 7 declares, "But we have this treasure in earthen vessels that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us."

As soon as I left the church, the laryngitis returned, and I was healed only in the natural progression of time. I believe the Lord granted that interlude as a small miracle as a sign that He honored my faith.


A similar challenge to my faith happened many years ago at our first Prophetic Summons conference in Jerusalem. There had been a hamsin (dry wind) which makes the air very dusty, and I had zero voice, and worse still, by time I was to address the closing session in a hotel ballroom, the rabbi was coming to turn off the electrical sound system because the Sabbath had begun.


The devil took great delight in informing me that, without a microphone, I hadn’t a hope that even my croaked attempt to whisper would be heard. The devil laughed beause all the other speakers during their sessions had benefited from full use of the microphone. But now, beause it was the Sabbath, I had to speak without amplification.


The devil suggested, "There are many ministers more anointed than you. Why don’t you just ask one of them to speak? They would love to speak so why don’t you just relax, sit back and enjoy the meeting."


But, you see, none of those ministers had been given the specific assignment that I had been given for that conference. We must understand that the Lord has an agenda for every meeting that He calls, and the Lord also has his chosen vessel to minister. Although I had stayed on the sidelines many times and supported others as they preached and ministered, that night the Lord had asked me to minister. In fact, He had called me to hold the conference with a very specific agenda to pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on both the houses of Israel and Ishmael.


So, again, I stood up to minister by faith, when suddenly a prophetic anointing fell upon me unlike anything I have experience before or since…….instead of speaking, I was very surprised that I sang my entire message and prophesied for a long time! Humanly speaking, it should have been more difficult to sing rather than speak, but the Lord broke through gloriously in that meeting, and it was one of the most exciting ministry times I have ever participarted in for the kingdom of God.


We think of great ministers such as Smith Wigglesworth, Reinhard Bonnke, and others as supersonic faith movers and shakers. But remember, they started out with the same measure of faith as anybody else; the only difference is that they were diligent to exercise their faith often in the presence of people breathing doubt and unbelief now their necks.


As believers concerning things that seem impossible, we start off giving mental assent to faith. Actually, true faith begins with the simple recognition according to Hebrews 11:6 that "God is." He exists and he is a REWARDER of them that DILIGENTLY seek him. Step number one, then, is acknowledging that God is the Sovereign Lord of this universe and He is in complete control of everything. We grow in faith, because we learn to know the character of God. I constantly remind myself that God is a rewarder as long as we do our part by diligently seeking him.


One of my Facebook friends commented on this article: "This is so practical. The first thing I have learnt is knowing what's on God's heart and recognising the voice of the adversary and his strategies. There's a big spiritual fight behind the scenes! Oh Lord Jesus, strengthen us with power into our inner man. Amen!"

(To be continued....excerpts from Christine's TV programs at www.revelation.tv www.exploits.tv www.cross.tv)