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Word of life ministries Aug 29, 2011

Hello brother greeting in the name of Jesus Christ. Me and my work. I am pastor Asif and i am running church in village shahpur after accepting the lord and vowing to serve him,I started preaching among the unreached i.e in village shahpur nearly thirty kilometers from main city of Lahore .there were a considerable numbers of so called christian family mostly under influence of non-Christians .Some of them adopted illagal and criminal ways of their living .there are several small villages around this village.Shahpur people use to fight a lot i stopped them tey beat me on stopping them .I had four times head injury.Now they are changed .Word of God can chang them . I faced a lot of difficulties in bringing them to even small prayer meetings .we started meeting in homes and then Sunday service regularly .after years of struggle the people started realizing that they needed a church a building .by grace of God today the congregation has its own beautiful church .The people have become spiritual and most of them received water and holy baptism . My vision . At present people wish to send there children go to school because a large number of children wander in streets or work at different places .And some children who become addict or sell drugs .please be informed that we had children Sunday school the children had The Bible lessons and learnt them but could not write their interest to education was roused .They are also other study lesson besides The Bible stories and verses .For those children we have no proper furniture and teachers at present .They just sit in the church and study with an untrained teacher we would request you to prayer us start a proper school system .There is a large number of families who wish to send their children to us .Will you prayer us unable more children to go to school ?I am hop full that our Lord would certainly help me fulfill my dream . God bless you and your ministry.