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Prayer Request Dec 08, 2013 1 Comment

Dear Brothers And Sisters Peace of Christ may be with you. . I would like to inform you that at each momnet something strange and horrible happens. Especially let me inform you that in Lahore, the heart of Pakistan, I am serving God since 25 years at Khanpur, a village in Lahore. It has been for the last two years the muslims, 6000 in numbers, are disturbing the 50 christian families, who are living there for many decades. It was on 29 Nov. 2013 the mulsims persicuted the christains so voilantly that the christian are compelled to migrate to some other places. I also got the injuries on my back and on my left knee cap. The problem for me is that where should I migrate? Nowhere. As I am not able to starat from the zero. I cannot go 25 years back. See you soon. Yours in Christ, Pastor Asif Feroze