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Bea Sharon


#### Psalms 91 ^^

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Just a note to remember..

Aug 15, 2010

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i just wanna share what i just read tonight.. from a blog i ' ve been subscribe :


You're Going To Make It!

Hang in there, friend.

Press in, press on

and never give up.

You’ve got what it takes...

you know the One who gives.

You’ve got everything you need...

you belong to the One who has it all.

He’s got a plan for you and it’s good.

It will unfold step-by-step, day-by-day...

and love will go with you all the way. 


the blog end with comment from the author, whoever wanna be prayed by can write his/her prayer entry there..but he/she need to pray for the first any request from others.

i want to write too.. so i started to read, but.. when i read the reply from all subcribers, i realized that there's lot of peoples who having problems bigger bigger than me!!! OMG.. i began to pray for them, then i feel : hei.. what's goin on with me? why i have to feel really sad or depressed? look, bell.. there's more big big problems happen to them. whatever happens to you is nothing if u compared it with their!

So, bro n sis.. Don't be worry about anything. GOD is faithfull. When it seems there's no way for you, He will make another new way to release us. Keep Praying. Keep in Faith. Pray for other brother n sister in Christ. Pray for HIS Servants. Give encouragement. Give em Love n Support. The world need us. We need you too..

God is able. HE can make it. I trust Him... Pray for u.. 

Have a blessed day.. Never Never Give Up!