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New Leadership for CROSS.TV

Nov 17, 2014

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Hello dear friends of CROSS.TV and beyond! 

After much consideration and prayer, we have decided to make the majority of CROSS.TV available for acquisition by a new leading organization. In the process we will submit all management to the new leadership. This is a huge opportunity for Christian business owners, private equity firms and not-for-profit organizations who would like to diversify and add equity to their portfolio with a leading online property. Anyone who has the ability to take CROSS.TV to the next level and profit from it in the process is welcome to apply! The opportunities to leverage CROSS.TV are diversified and powerful for any business or not-for-profit who understands the busines model and opportunities such as marketing value, partner communications, advertising revenue, broadcaster value, sales of streaming and marketing products, equity, resale, among its many opportunities and benefits. 

We don't want to see this platform become limited in the process. At a contrary - it is really about taking it to a whole new level! For 6 years now CROSS.TV has been the leading faith-based social media network in over 20 languages, used by Christian believers worldwide in over 200 countries every day. Over 20,000 organizations have organizational profiles and have uploaded media content to their channels. It has become both a source of Christian media, as well as a place for networking and exchange across national and denominational borders. Its wealth of functionalities and intelligent social networking features are all part of its proprietary and acclaimed social software application, fully owned by CROSS.TV itself. We want this platform to remain the market-leader for years to come and to move to a whole new level under the new leadership!

Together we would like to believe for the best new leadership who can profit from CROSS.TV in multiple ways, as well as moving the platform forward to become everything it was built and designed to be. We would ask you, the community, to prayerfully consider potential investors who might be able to profit from the world's largest faith-based social media network and might be a good fit as a new leader in this market. Please send me a message with contact details if you believe to have a good lead. 

Let's do this together! We are counting on you, our community, to help us find the perfect match!

Your CROSS.TV Leadership