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Lakeyia Bell

BlessedKia|United States

Feeling pretty good! God is awesome! <3 All smile

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Lord, Continue to build me up to be the young woman You have called me to be. Help me keep my patience because I really like this guy, but I would hate for myself to step out of the will in |more

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Spring Break

Mar 22, 2011

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Ok so I am on spring break this week! yay! The suite is nice and quite and I have the room to myself. This week thus far has been very relaxing! I do plan on getting some work done but I also plan on spending time with God. So many awesome and challanging things have been going on in my life. I am really trying to make the Deans List, and join the Honors program here at school. This is also the first time I have been away from home for so long. I always usually go home on holidays but this time I made a choice of staying on campus for spring break. I love my family dearly but I feel that the space from them is much needed. Plus spring break is helping me with my Spiritual growth. I have grown so much in Christ, that I have become scared! God's presence has become more and more stronger in my life. I love how God speaks to me and direct my path. Even when I want to be disobedient, I cant because in the back of my mind I can hear Christ's voice telling me the right thing to do.

Being a child of God can be very challanging! I always feel like I am going to mess up. But God's word tells me that I have been renewed in Christ. I am made a new creature in Him. There is a song that I love. It's called " Press in Your Presence" Its by Shana Wilson. My favorite part of the song is "You call me your own, so Lord I give You me, You own the World, but yet You still want me" "Take my heart, take my life, take my soul never let me go". Those words are so powerful because when Christ laid down His life for us, we became children of God. We got our lives back. We gained salvation! What an awesome God we serve!


So I leave you with these questions. There are four of them. Here we go!

1. What is the difference (in your opinon) between grace and mercy?

2. What does it mean to grow spiritually in God and name some ways we grow spiritually?

3. What are three Godly goals that you have for the future?

4. What does it mean to be an undefeated champion (in your personal opinon)

Thank you in advance for reading my blog! May it bless you! 1Love!