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Rozell Adams

eloi55|United States

single christian male that loves the lord.

My Prayer

Lord I pray that the world come together to began loving each other. Stop all the killing and to work together to help each other. I pray that all my friends come together with a day of |more

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I try it my way now i openly will try it your way

Jun 06, 2012

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My  life has been a mass for so many years.  Knowing that the lord was the way, I  try so many things and fail.  I realized that i can not do anything without him.  He is my rock, my everything.  He guide me in the direction that is right without wondering if it is the right direction or worng direction.  He already knows and why did I not take his advice.  He has foregiven me for all that I have done, because i asked him too.  I am a new man that wants to follow God and the words that he have given me.   When i need the ansewer