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Sharon Jeanguenat

sha49tn|United States

Divorced grandmother of 8. (I made bad choices before giving my heart to Jesus.) But, whatever the devil means for bad, God can get good out of it!

My Prayer

Bad days are coming for Your children, Lord, & I ask that keep & protect each of us, so that we do YOUR will, & let our light shine to the world. I ask for strength to reach out to the lost |more

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Hey, calvary greetings to you. If i didn't stop by to tell you how nice your profile is and how cute you are looking,with that smile, i dont think i'lld get a good rest tonight.lol. I am Hayden and i would love to be friends with you. Hayden.


I'm always happy to make a new friend, especially a fellow Christian. God is really blessing me with some good Christian friends! And, my name is Sharon, as in the 'Rose of'!!


I'm always happy to make a new friend, especially a fellow Christian. God is really blessing me with some good Christian friends! And, my name is Sharon, as in the 'Rose of'!!

sha49tn wrote a comment to the blogentry First Steps

First Steps

In this tutorial we will show you the most important areas of your cross.tv account and what you can do there.  1. MyHome Let's begin with the areas on your "MyHome" page. This is the page you see dir…

I am happy to meet fellow believers!

sha49tn joined the prayer loving each other of eloi55

Disasters of Biblical proportions ravage the South!

Over the course of the last few months the Southern States of the United States, containing an area nicknamed “The Bible Belt”, have been hit hard with disasters of Biblical proportions, including …

As soon as we started allowing the murder of unborn babies, God started withdrawing His presence from this country. And, now that our leaders are turning against Israel, it's only going to get worse. And, I do have a scripture to share..'God's Judgement begins at the house of God'. Be warned




Well, I am not so sure if every natural disaster should be (or even has to be) interpreted as wrath of God. After all God said that he would never hurt his creation again after the flood and gave us a beautiful sign to remember it.


I don't want to judge about these events (and actually not at all), but it seems to me like it is more us humans who hurt creation, rather than God hurting us. The people suffering have my full compassion!

sha49tn wrote a comment to the blogentry A Tribute to David Wilkerson

A Tribute to David Wilkerson

David Wilkerson, founder of the Times Square Church and author of the International Best Seller The Cross and the Switchblade, died in a fatal head on collision with an 18 wheeler in East Texas on Wednesday af…

He will be sadly missed. But, I am also rejoicing that I know where he went!

Does Love always win? What qualifies you for Heaven?

Rob Bell, the Pastor of the Mega Church Mars Hill, is someone who has become a controversial figure among today’s Christians. The Chicago Sun Times ran an article on him titled “The Next Billy Grah…

Rob Bell is perpetrating a fraud on people. He is leading people astray, & as such, is going to be judged by God. If there wasn't a literal lake of fire, then it wouldn't be mentioned in the Scriptures. He's one of the reasons this world is in the mess it's in. Too many are believing a false gospel

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