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"News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising." Lord Northcliffe

1. Video Solutions

Video Hosting, Data Centers

Lightcast offers a powerful, state-of-the-art, worldwide cloud server infrastructure, with high-performance storage, maximized redundancies, 24/7 backups, power independency and dedicated fiberglass backbones strategically located at the world's most significant Internet hubs. With 21 datacenters serving as delivery points all around the world we offer a network for the web of today and tomorrow. | sign in to learn more

On Demand Delivery

Through our 21 interconnected datacenters, lightcast delivers your stored video content on-demand at the highest possible speed to any point on earth. We deliver your video content with both, RTMP and token-secured HTTP - the team of the future. This delivery technology provides you with maximum security, loading speed, copyright protection and coverage of today's variety of devices, operating systems and browsers. Every single video upload is transcoded and optimized for flexible delivery in up to 12 file sizes and formats ranging from the 48kb audio-only version up to 3.6 Mbit 1920x1080 Full HD, in order to serve every viewer on earth. Within fragments of a second our VOD Players measure each of your viewer's available bandwidth, processing power and resolution, select and deliver the optimal video version and adapt automatically when conditions change by a smooth uninterrupted transition to another version. Of course users have the option to override this behaviour by selecting a specific quality like "HD". In this case the algorithm adapts automatically within the range of HD versions. | sign in to learn more

Live Streaming

Broadcast multiple bandwidth streams - live from any location - through our worldwide network of access points. Whether you are new to live streaming or a seasoned Pro: you will love the easy and efficient setup, the transparent interfaces and the cost-efficient solutions without any startup investment. No need for expensive hardware encoders. Quick Tip for everyone who is new to video integration and live streaming: a good PC or Mac computer and a single camera will be just fine to get you started. Our recommendation: just do it! Give yourself some time to gain experience, build your team first and upgrade your hardware later. Humans matter over machines! Live streaming is easy and Platinum and Diamond Customers receive individual custom coaching full real-time support. It ends up saving time and money on easily avoidable detours. | sign in to learn more

Video Players

Developing video players is expensive and time consuming. (trust us! :-). Use our Video Players to integrate your video content and live streams on your websites, your social media pages, your friends' websites and their social media pages. Let your video content go viral! Our players will allow your content to do just that! Lightcast's latest generation of LIVE Players come with embedded count-downs, counting down to your next scheduled live event and adapting to each viewer's time zone. Lightcast VOD Players come with built in "media center" functionality, allowing your viewers to watch your latest upload instantaneously and browse through all your archived uploads at the same time. Never embed another video embed code from a video sharing platform - each new upload will appear up front in your Lightcast VOD Player automatically! All Lightcast Players are customizable in size and appearance to blend perfectly with your websites. | sign in to learn more

12 times Transcoding

How do you solve the dilemma between choosing superior Full HD media and a small resolution low-bitrate video which can be watched on mobile devices or by users in third world countries who have just a 56k or 128k connection? Now you can relieve your mind, because Lightcast takes your uploaded video and generates up to 12 different videos and an audio only version out of it. Different bitrates are not the only reason for creating different video versions. To reach all devices and browsers on the market, especially in the mobile world, as well as Flash Video and HTML5 players, it is neccessary to create several video formats like h.264, webm or segmented Apple http videos. We do this for you with every video you upload, at no additional cost! | sign in to learn more


Ready to expand into new language markets? Lightcast's sister company "praise:media" has a decade of experience in translation of audio/video content for TV- and Internet Broadcast, as well as for print. Our translation services include translation into over 15 languages, subtitles, voice-over dubbing, channel relations and distribution, worldwide airtime acquisition and office facilitation service in Europe. Lightcast and praise:media integrate seamlessly - from A to Z. As a valued Lightcast client you receive a variety of additional perks and free services with praise:media - among others a guaranteed 20% discount on translation. Take advantage of cost-saving synergies! | sign in to learn more

2. Social Media Solutions

Installation & Optimization

Some do it themselves. Some utilize volunteers. Some employ someone. Some wonder how they can keep up with it. Your presence in the social media world is vital! It should not be underrated or regarded as another duty. You deserve someone to drive your social media campaigns with passion! We are passionate about social media technology, we know, because we build and host it. Lightcast Silver and Gold provide you with installation and optimization of your most important social media accounts, plus a basic update service, serving as a "fall-back" solution for your own social media endeavors. | sign in to learn more

Maintenance & Updates

Lightcast Platinum and Diamond packages are ideal outsourcing solutions and provide you with efficiency, through building your online communities, fanbases and followings and engaging with new audiences on your behalf, deepening the presence of your brand, product and service online. You may already be well on your way: let us optimize your existing Facebook or Twitter account, style it, fill it, connect it and squeeze the most out of it on your behalf. Of course you are the ultimate authority: all accounts belong to you and you have access at all times. In fact - you can change, modify, delete everything in your social media accounts and even change the credentials after our initial update work and lock everyone out at any time. You decide what you want published! | sign in to learn more


Lightcast assists its customers with optimization for Search Engines. In fact: every single action in the spectrum of Lightcast services serve as SEO boosters, increasing your website's visibility and Page Rank. On top of that - your personal Platinum and Diamond media expert evaluates your website and provides you with custom recommendations to improve your Search Engine visibility and ranking. Platinum and Diamond customers also receive ongoing annual link building and additional SEO services. | sign in to learn more


Platinum and Diamond customers receive online news wire service and distribution of press releases. We make sure to sync your Social Media Marketing Strategy with the distribution of your press releases. As always: you determine and create the content. We publish it for you and make sure it receives as many eye-balls as possible. | sign in to learn more

Audience Building

Interacting with your Social Media audience regularly is crucial to the success of your marketing campaigns. Social Media is all about discussion. This is what turns a visitor to one of your websites and social media accounts into a valuable lead. Platinum and Diamond customers allow us to interact with your followers, contacts and fans. | sign in to learn more


3. Advertising Solutions

Tailor-made Ad Campaigns through Google, Yahoo, crossads, cross.tv and numerous other online ad channels.

Lightcast serves as your "one-stop-shop" solution for the majority or all of your Internet marketing needs - including Online Adverting Service. Our Advertising Gurus create and manage your CPC campaigns, tailored to your products, services and your target audience. The Lightcast Diamond package even includes small ad campaigns through cross.tv, crossads, Google AdWords. Your Lightcast cross media consultant will assist you in developing your online ad campaigns to maximize results. | sign in to learn more

4. Earn with Lightcast

Join our partner affiliate network

How about not having to pay for your Lightcast package and receiving Internet Marketing and Video Hosting services for free? Or how about building a new revenue stream for your business or yourself? Join our affiliate network and earn recurring commission on every referral and even on your referrals' referrals! Multiple Lightcast customers have started to cover their expenses through our affiliate network and even grow it into a new substantial revenue stream for their business or non-profit. Ask yourself: how many small and medium size enterprises, non-profit organizations or churches do I know who could use cost-efficient service packages covering their Internet Marketing and Streaming Media needs? How many people or organizations do I know who are well connected with other small and medium size businesses, non-profits or churches? Remember: almost everyone could use an increased presence in the social media world, needs integration of media on their website and increased lead generation through Internet marketing - but only few have a 5-or-more-figure budget to get it all done and the time to work with multiple vendors. And: most ad agencies, marketing companies, media hosting providers and CDNs are not interested in the business of small- and medium size organizations or non-profits, but rather go after very large accounts. Lightcast is dedicated to serve small- and medium size enterprises, organizations and churches with the heart to reach and help people. Lightcast enjoys cutting overheads, limiting expenses and negotiating discounts of up to 80% for its clients in order to provide efficient high-value services at low costs. You have found something others need. Share it and make sure to be rewarded for it on an ongoing basis. Join our affiliate network "cross.tribution" today.

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