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Why Churches need to use Social Media!

Jun 24, 2011

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Recently at the 16 International Christian Internet Conference in Munich churches overwhelmingly agreed that they need to boost their presence on the Internet, primarily through the use of social media. The event that broke the camels back on this issue was a recent debate in Finland, during which a Bishop decried practicing homosexuality as a sin. The backlash on social media sites such as facebook was enormous, and even though only 35% of Finnish people use facebook the Church lost 40,000 members in just 4 weeks.

The church since adjusted their strategies. After agreeing to a debate about the role of the Church in a modern society they delegated some key people to monitor their social media sites and were ready to respond to the onslaught of criticism, dramatically reducing the amount of people leaving the Church.


But Social Media is more than just the first line of defense on the Internet. Churches in Sweden recently discovered that many Swedes, although born again, know almost nothing of baptism. The Church there launched an interactive website on which people can post blogs, pictures, videos, etc about their baptism. The site also integrates with facebook.


These are just two examples of why Churches these days have to use Social Media if they want to truly Share God’s glory with the world.


The link to the article from the German site “idea” is here. Unfortunately we could not track down an English translation, but google chrome should be able to help you quite a bit.


http://www.idea.de/nc/nachrichten/artik el-drucken/artikel/rat-an-kirchen-soziale-netzwerke-staerker-nutzen-1.html


While increasing the presence of Christians in social media world is vitally important in order not to lose influence in this world, the additional workload can put pressure on leadership, staff and volunteers of Churches and Christian organizations.

Christian service agencies such as www.lightcast.com offer inexpensive but very efficient outsourcing solutions. Increasingly churches and Christian organizations regard their endeavors in social media and streaming media as missions output and evangelistic outreach projects.

Considering the amounts donated to missionaries and missions projects, as well as common expenses for IT, media and technical infrastructure churches usually invest, the costs to outsource social media and internet marketing are comparatively small, yet can produce enormous results. For more information see www.lightcast.com/packages.