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Beeing rescued from an earthy place is not as a blessing as having been rescued from eternal death !!! Thank you Lord Jesus for so precious gift.

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"E invocó Jabes al Dios de Israel, diciendo: ¡Oh, si me dieras bendición, y ensancharas mi territorio, y si tu mano estuviera conmigo, y me libraras del mal, para que no me dañe! Y LE |more

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Benered Oct 15, 2009 6 Comments

Hello bros. and sis., today I want to share with you this little prayer of mine to our Almighty Father. For more than 15 years I have been asking for J.R.I, my earthy father's surrender to Jesus, accepting Him as his Savior and Lord. Today, he is celebrating his 60th anniversary of his first pilot's instruction flight in a PT-Ranger mono-plane back then in 1949. As he had cruised along the skies for over 30 years, and as he had stopped flying some years ago, he, as we do often, dreams about his final flight to eternity. Nevertheless, he has not accepted the fact that it is only through Jesus we come to the Father (John 14: 6). Please, DEAR CELESTIAL FATHER, hear this prayer asking you, in the name of Our Precious King Jesus, under the Holy Spirit's guidance,... let my father J.R.I, recognize JESUS and accept Him as SUFFICIENT ETERNAL SAVIOR AND LORD, so his dream can come true, to "fly" a different fiight for you and with you for eternity, starting in earth right now, not having to wait until his bodily death, but experiencing a NEW ABUNDANT LIFE IN CHRIST... and not just dreaming of one after death, as many, many do. You have promised Father in the Bible, that not only he, who believes in Christ will be saved, but all of his family. Please make this dream of mine become true according to your blessed will, and let my father not just dream again, and, instead, experience this new flight, this time with the best of best instructors, THE HOLY SPIRIT, for your glory, Oh LORD. I ask you today MERCIFUL AND LOVING FATHER GOD, along with my brothers and sisters in Jesus-Christ, IN HIS NAME, because HE SHED HIS PRECIOUS BLOOD for all sinners at the cross, to hear this desperate prayer of your humble servants. Amen.