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mile coind

Mile Coind|Colombia

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mile coind


Jan 1, 1975


Bogota [5711], Colombia (Cundinamarca)

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TAlk to Indostani people about to Jesus Christ the Only one Savior, about the Eternal life, hindus muslims ,siqhs etc

My Goals:


My Church:

Mi church is learning to love and understand the Missions topic,is a small Church and My PAstors are so god and help me with the missions topic


christian born again


Vocalist (and play the piano)



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Favorite Music:

Gospell, flamenco, indian music, arabian music the fusion the all this rithyms with occidental music, and blues and rock all this with christian message

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Verdad y Vida Ministries

Sending blessings from Miami! God bless you.

Mile Coind joined the prayer Prayer of _Ezekiel

Mile Coind is now a contact of parkiet

Mile Coind is now a contact of Boris Ivanov

Christ Missionary Church Canada

Hi: Happy New Year!!! For 2012 Please pray for each other in these day!!!! TKS: Pastor David Skakun www.cmccaable.com

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