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Tatiana Goncharova

Tatiana Goncharova|Ukraine

God is Truth. Praise God, make Him known - it means to preach the Truth.


The greatest miracle in my life !!!!!
I'm in faith for 19 years. I graduated from International College
of Bible Theology. 9 years  I deeply investigate the Scripture.

People put certain sense in each their word.This is the meaning of the
word, its essence. -1 Corinthians 14:10 There are, it may, so many
kinds of word in the world, and none of them is without signification.
The Bible is God-inspired Scripture. God's Word also has its own
meaning and sense, which God puts in it. -2Pet. 1: 20,21.

Reading one of the Gospels, God drew my attention to how Jesus
interprets parables to his disciples, having recorded words with
interpretations of the Christ and having substituted in other verses
the meaning of Jesus ,instead of the given words - the God has shown -
the Word of Truth, the Word of the Life, the Word of Peace.

-Nehemiah 8: 08 and read from the book of the law of God distinctly,
and adds the interpretation and the people understood the reading.
In verse 9 is interpreting, what they did in verse. 8 ... taught the people ...
verse 13. ... understand the words of the law ..
Teach - it means to read Word and to take interpretation.
This is what Jesus did. Only then it is becoming understandable for the listeners.

Isaiah says that His thoughts are not our thoughts. We don't need to
think up anything, only carefully study the Scripture.
Look at everything with the eyes of God, how He interprets on or another
Word and so, in other verses of the Bible put God's interpretation and
the Word will speak to you by spiritual language.

God teaches Himself and only this is vitally important for everyone.
-Hebrews 8: 10.11.
"Ye call Me Master (i.e.Teacher) and Lord : and ye say well,
for so I am "-John 13: 13.
It doesn't matter in which part of the world live people if they will
allow God to teach them through the Word, for everybody will find the
one Truth! This is the greatest miracle !!!!!
Our sin  that we invaded the Scriptures of God with our flesh, with the human mind.
Weakened the Truth of God with our flesh and received the letter which kills.
God is Spirit. All His Word - Spiritual. The Bible was written a spiritual language..
God himself interprets His Scriptures . When a man finds the God's interpretation in the Word -
it's Truth - it's spiritual understanding.
God's interpretation - it is an answer of peace, that is, salvation -Genesis 41:15,16.
God saves His own.

E-mail address: go-ta-se@yandex.ua




Bonjour Tatiana, J'aimerais beaucoup avoir des contacts avec toi et j'espère que tu me répondra. Pierre


Happy Birthday to you


Happy Birthday to you

iglesia argentina es de cristo


Elena Paulina


Elena Paulina

Elena Paulina Elena Paulina Elena Paulina hace 2 segundos El Señor me permitió realizar un blog sobre ser adorador, me falta la foto, los invito a darle una mirada y que sea de bendición a todos. Elena.




Happy Birthday to you

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-Isaiah 3:12 ... women rule over God's people ... This is the prototype of not spiritual preachers of both male and female, which not understand the Word of Truth. "O My people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy | more

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