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Ján Čura


"Tvoj život, je zrkadlom tvojej viery!" "Your life, is the mirror of your belief." "Deines Leben ist, ein Spiegel deinen Glaube."

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Mein or Main title :)

I always thinking if the title shuold be international, it means in English, or it could be in Slovak?
But I think it´s not so important. Because, who want to know something, will ask me:) and it doesn´t metter if
it will be in English, German, Russian, or Slovak...or in his own language:)

Takže aj pre tých, ktorí nehovoria anglicky, napíšem zopár riadkov po slovensky.
Welcome! Willkommen!

P.S.: If you are Slovak, or Czech, there is an opportunity to change the language on the top of the page:)
(ak nerozumieš anglicky, zmeň jazyk na začiatku stránky, hore.) :)


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