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17, For we are not like so many, who peddle the word of God for profit; but we are speaking in Christ before God as persons of sincerity, as persons sent from God. 2 Corinthians 2

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OUR PRAYER JOURNAL Jun 08, 2014 2 Comments

Scripture tells us God is Holy, Holy, Holy . . . absolutely pure. So what good is it to pray that God’s name be hallowed – can the prayer of a sinner add anything to a holy God? Without You, Lord Jesus, we wouldn’t have a prayer! If this were my Prayer Journal then these pages would be blank! We really wouldn’t have a thing to say. Do I really know how To Pray? Personally I need to ASK Jesus to teach me how To Pray. How then could any of us take credit in maintaining a journal of prayer? He is all the more reason To Pray as He taught His disciples To Pray and it has nothing ever to do with Me, My or Mine. Our’s, we and us is Jesus and me. If I said this is “MY” Prayer Journal or “YOUR” Journal instead of “OUR” Prayer Journal, meaning “JESUS’” Prayer. It He that teaches US To Pray. What is Jesus’s is mine by faith. Jesus and Me, the “OUR” moral majority. Change “My” or “Y” in “Your” to “OUR” Prayer Journal. Please Pray with me. Log in and Pray. Did you notice there is neither male nor female, young or old, rich or poor, pretty or ugly, skinny or fat, smart or not-so-smart in His presence. A VERY PRIVATE SECRET PLACE TO BE PRE FACE TO FACE Lord Jesus, to face you during this quiet time of day (over 30,000 sunrise/sunsets for me) of intimate private secret place presence far removed from life influence of clutter that demands attention, the desire in the need of you in uninterrupted thoughts that direct our way to you is overwhelming. To your relationship on a higher plane is what we covet. Try to explain this to others outside this arena takes experience more than words. The exercise of your grace in making yourself known in this time meeting with you, listening to your Word and the whisper of your Spirit is a hush to anything that we would have say. Who can tell of all the inner working you do in our very soul, is beyond description. A quiet peaceful resting place where we are fully known, exposed, as you reveal yourself. Lord, you are an audience of one, even though we all offer up all “OUR” prayers to you Our Father. May we be acceptable to you, and you only alone. Remember years ago as we would come to you? Recapture those unexplained times of intimacy . Those awaking moments early in our days of unspoiled innocence, as we begin the journey of this journal times with you, speaks volumes as we review what you do for each one of us personally, in the life of your child. In this coming again and again into your presence, promise of molding and shaping us, conformed into the image of your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ. To know you more and more each day making us to be just like you, Lord Jesus. May it be! Come quickly, Lord Jesus. More of you, more of you, Jesus, I need more of you. Heredity of your Holiness, an inherit trait of Jesus. We behold your glory. If we have the same mind you do; “Let this mind be in you that is Christ Jesus.” Then what did you have in mind for us to pray to “OUR FATHER”? What do you mean for us ‘TO PRAY”? Secret place closet praying. Hypocrites love praying on street corners, to be seen of men, they have their reward. Note: to be like or liked, to convince men. They are not changed by their much repetitious prayers they have all heard before. Too much talk, little listening. Private place prayers rewards in open obedience of receiving what we have asked for in behalf of others. When you teach us to pray “OUR”, you are here along side, in us, saying “OUR FATHER”. In fact you said to say that based upon your own Sonship. We are also included when we say in confidence of that fact, you are who you say you are, and include us in your relationship with Our Father. Please add to this discussion To Pray. Your comments welcomed. Pray with us online. We grasp but a thread of the garment of prayer; we reel at the thought of His infinite care; We cannot conceive of a God who will say: “Be careful for nothing; in everything pray.” (Farrell) Our highest privilege is to talk to God; Our highest duty is to listen to Him.