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 Computer is Hanging at Startup How can I Fix it

Oct 07, 2016

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It is quite frustrating and even heart breaking when the computer hangs at the start up without any blue screen error. People do not know what is wrong with the system as there is no error message. In case such a problem pops, use the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. You can restart the computer and hope everything will be all right. There are instances when lots of processes run in the background and they might hang the computer at the startup screen.

  2. If the first step is not working, try to launch the windows in safe mode. Switch on the computer and keep on pressing the F8 button to access the start up menu option the safe mode.

  3. Once the second step is complete, restart the system as the chances of success increase. In safe mode the back ground processes are not loaded into the windows memory.

  4. The best way to troubleshoot the issue is to repair the operating system. Sometimes one or more window files are damaged or corrupted. In such a situation, it is better to initiate the repairing process to solve the problem. It replaces the defective files without causing wholesome changes to the system.

  5. One reason can also be a virus attack and its very dangerous for your data, it can corrupt your all data. So get Avast Antivirus Software to check the Virus attack on your computer and will remove all the viruses, malware and spyware from your system. To get avast antivirus call to Avast Antivirus Customer Support Service Number USA 1-844-798-3801(Toll Free)

  6. Another option that can do a whirl of good is system restore if other steps are not having the desired effect. All you need to do is invoke the system restore button the last good configuration of the windows. By restoring the previous state of the computer, you are highly likely to resolve the issue.