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Larry Wheatley

LarryWheatley|United States

How To Make Money Buying YouTube Accounts

As you can see, this video has 77,258 views on it.  It’s not a ton, but if the Buy YouTube Accounts PAV has 20-30 videos like this then it would be well worth it to try and buy the account.All you have to do is go to Clickbank and find a workout of diet product and promote it with an affiliate link under the video.  You can also add annotations to the video so that you can direct them to your URL (redirect it) as well.

Buy YouTube accounts

How to buy the account and make an offer

Now one of the keys to this is that you have to find accounts that someone has no emotional or economic attachment to.  If someone has a bunch of workout videos for their own site and they are making money with it,  they arent going to sell it to you.  And if some little kid has a bunch of his favorite WoW clips on his Buy 100 YouTube accounts, then he’s prolly going to be hesitant with giving it up This is why you either have to tell them they can keep all the vids and move them to a new account – or you need to find accounts that just have 1-2 really good videos that have 1 million+ views

My experiences buying Youtube accounts

So far I’ve bought 5 accounts for $650 total.  My total affiliate commission made off all the Buy bulk YouTube Accounts has been $1750.  Now the good thing is, if these accounts all stay active and the traffic stays the same, I’ll make an extra $10,000-$12,000 dollars this year off the accounts.


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