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Is there any foolproof security measure to keep your Yahoo account safe?

Feb 16, 2018

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Just to be on the safer side, there is nothing wrong in having an extra layer of security, so as to protect your Yahoo account. This becomes necessary in view of the large-scale threat that puts your account at a great deal of risk.


Protecting your Yahoo mail account requires foreseeing the potential dangers. You have to make some changes, otherwise, you may lose the account, which is never a good idea. Until and unless, you make it a point to adhere to the changes, there is no respite in sight.


It is quite obvious that you don’t have any intention to shit down your Yahoo account. Since you are looking for a way to continue, it becomes necessary to follow some basic rules, in order to safeguard your interest.


5 ways to Enhance Yahoo Account Security


1. Change your account password – The first thing that you can do to secure the account is to change the password. Make sure to come up with a strong and unique password. If you do believe that someone has indeed accessed your account, then you must reset the account settings on a priority basis.


Always make an effort to change the password on a regular basis and this really helps a lot.


2. Opt for two-factor authentication – Changing your password is the first step. The next in line is to enable 2-factor authentication. Once you activate it, apart from the password, you are also required to enter a security code, which is exclusively sent to your mobile phone. It is only after using the code that you have a chance to sign-in.


3. Regularly update your recovery information- if for any reason, Your Yahoo account gets locked out, what will you do? Well, it is for circumstances, such as these, you are required to update the recovery information. By doing so, you have a chance to recover the account, with the help of an alternative email address or phone number.


4. Yahoo account history is a must – Always put an effort to check your account history and that too, on a regular basis. This way, you have a good chance of knowing if someone has accessed your account, without any proper authorization.


5. Stay away from phishing emails – Phishing emails are a lot riskier and you must make it a point to stay away from them. You must setup filters and make a conscious effort never to click on the suspicious links.


What more can you do?


If you are looking for any additional information on how to secure the Yahoo account, then it seems appropriate to contact the Yahoo customer support team. You can also get in touch with the experts, to sort out any technical issues.