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Why are all my sent Yahoo emails being marked as spam?

Nov 26, 2017

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Email services are becoming a lot more stringent when it comes to sending or receiving mails. This is the same with Yahoo. If you are using the Yahoo mail account and it finds something unusual in any of the sent emails, it will be immediately marked as Spam.

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As a means to enhance the security of the Yahoo account, it often uses spam filters, so as to differentiate between the legitimate emails and that of the junk mails. This is because all the emails are scanned and the automated filtering system takes the decision. In some instances, some of the legitimate mails get labeled as spam, which is almost an unfortunate incident.



In order to prevent the Yahoo mails from going to the spam fielder, what you can do is to mark the email as “Not Spam. If the problem still persists and there seems to be no other way out, it seems appropriate then to seek the services of the experts by using the Yahoo support phone number.


The Corrective Measures


  • Sign into your Yahoo mail account.

  • Once you have signed in, click on the spam folder.

  • Now click on the email that was wrongfully labeled spam.

  • To be able to send the email to the particular folder, make sure to click on the Not Spam button.


Keeping in mind the problems that you face when the mails get labeled as spam, the recovery procedure mentioned above will be of immense assistance.


Some Additional Tips


  • Make sure to change the Yahoo account password on a regular basis.

  • To secure the account, you can set up 2 step verification.


There has been a drastic rise in the number of hacking incidents. In some instances, if the Yahoo account is accessed in an unauthorized manner, it becomes necessary to have adequate security measures.Or else, the hacker would use the mail account to send spam mails and this is something that you need to keep in mind.


To know more about the problems and the ways to solve it, you can consider approaching the proficient technicians. To do so, you can try reaching the Yahoo help desk service team, so as to get an immediate solution.


In short, you have the solutions that in a way helps to use the Yahoo mail account, without having to face too many constraints. Make sure to reach the experts, if you are looking for a viable way to eradicate the problems.