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Different Types Of Skateboards List For Beginners

Sep 04, 2017

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Skateboarding is a very tough sport. It, however, requires much dedication and continuous practice for one to become an expert or professional. Along with the much-needed dedication and repetitive practice, it is, therefore, important that one take time and think of what size skateboard do I need. This is considering the fact that different types of skateboards are available in different online and offline stores of today. 

The truth is that the type of skateboard one chooses plays enormous role, as the different types are designed differently for different individuals and also to suit different needs. There are great deals of different ways one can mix and match the different parts of a skateboard. For instance, some of the main parts are bearings, wheels, and decks among others.

 Funny enough, skateboarding can likely cause harm if one is not careful enough while choosing a skateboard. The different types of the best skateboards are discussed below. The essence is to enable one have in depth knowledge of the different types and take precaution when it comes to choosing any of the types.

 Long Boards: These bear similar resemblance with regular skateboards, but are much larger in size. Owing to their extra size, they offer a greater level of balance to the board. But this makes it difficult for one to make sudden or sharp turns. 

This is, however, one of the major reasons they are ideal for skaters that want to travel for longer distances instead of performing intricate moves and tricks. If therefore, you are in quest of a skateboard to push around for transportation, long board skateboards are your best choice and you should seek out the best longboards for beginners to have great time.

Unlike most other types of skateboards, long boards are specially designed for downhill racing.

Almost best skateboard brand offer this kind of boards, so it is not difficult for you to find a suitable one for yourself. However, you should keep in mind some important factors while purchasing such as deck, bearing, wheels and grip tape.

As a newcomer to the world of skateboarding, using a long board offers you better and greater level of balance while you are still an amateur. But the truth is that using long boards will make it more difficult for you to learn how to turn swiftly or even perform tricks. 

Short boards: Just as the name implies, short boards are shorter when compared with long boards. However, they are favored. This is considering their aesthetically portable nature and also due to the fact that they make it easier for a skater to make swift or sharp turns. 

Interestingly, they are the shortest style boards and are painstakingly shaped and designed for performing tricks and getting air too. But first of all, you have to know Best Skateboard Brands accordingly.

 If you are just getting into skateboarding, it is important to check out different types of short board skateboards. The essence helps you familiarize with different designs or styles of the deck that is designed for certain types of skateboarding.

 It is pertinent that the shape of board one chooses matches with the style he or she wants to skate. This is considering the fact that each style of deck is designed for a particular type of skateboarding.

Old school: These types of boards have a flat nose and kick tails. Unlike most other types of boards, they are an excellent choice for skating pools and carving the streets. They are asymmetrical and tend to have a wider nose. 

Cruiser:  These types of boards are specially designed for cruising around. This is owing to the fact that they are versatile and maneuverable. However, they often have kick tails.

It is pertinent to watch this video to have depth knowledge of the different types of skateboards. However, make it easier for you to independently take a decision on Best Skateboard.

While choosing, it is important to ensure that your deck, bearings, and wheels perfectly match your choice of skateboarding. Furthermore, remember safety precautions before anything. If you have the intention to cruise around with your skateboard, then it is important to invest in a cruiser.

 As a beginner, it is important to purchase your skateboard from a company with good track record and high reputation. This is considering the fact that they have expert customer attendants that will assist you to make the right choice.

Furthermore, they have also a wide range of skating equipment and pictures (as samples to customers) such as clothes and shoes for males and females. Additionally, they produce different types of skating accessories. In fact, they are complete skateboard stores for skateboarders and enthusiasts.

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