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Causes of Teenage Pregnancy

Oct 07, 2019

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Teenage pregnancy is not a rare phenomenon, despite the huge amount of information. Periodicals for teenagers, TV shows, and a site for girls contain a lot of useful information on this topic. However, the problem of early pregnancy remains relevant.


Early pregnancy age


Pregnancy is a complex psychological and physiological process. In order to endure a healthy baby and not harm her own health, a woman must be fully physically formed and consciously decide on the birth of a child. Experts consider the age of 20 to 30 years to be the best child-bearing age; the age of 14 to 17 years refers to early pregnancy. Many teenage girls believe that they are quite ready for pregnancy, but doing sports and fitness for the full formation of the fetus and healthy childbirth is not enough. In the period from 14 to 17 years, the girl's body is still developing, of course, the development process is extremely individual, but we must not forget about the psychological factor.


What are the True Stories of a teenage girl's pregnancy? An early pregnancy threatens the health of an undeveloped adolescent organism, as well as a bearing fetus. The body of a teenage girl requires vitamins and minerals, it is in the formation stage and during pregnancy, and the embryo will take up most of the nutrients. That is why teenage girls are difficult to tolerate pregnancy, toxicosis, the threat of miscarriage, and anemia are more common among this category of pregnant women, and they are also threatened with uterine rupture. In severe cases, due to complications during childbirth, teenage pregnancy can lead to the death of not only the fetus, but also the mother. Every year, approximately one million newborns die worldwide.


Of the 100 unplanned pregnancies, only 15 in adolescents end in childbirth, 15 are miscarriages; in 70 cases, the pregnancy is terminated. Early pregnancy in 25% of cases is terminated at a dangerous period of 22-27 weeks; abortion at this time threatens a teenage girl in the future with a set of chronic gynecological diseases and infertility. It should be noted that teenage girls whose pregnancies ended in childbirth can rarely be called happy. Children born as a result of teenage pregnancy are more likely than others to have pathologies and birth defects.


Sex education


Teenage pregnancy may be the result of inattention to the problems of the teenager in the family and school. Girls are fond of mobile phones, versed in the slightest fashion trends, but they are little informed about the relationship between a man and a woman, about safe sex, etc. Knowledge and understanding of the issue remain at the level of the school course of botany, which refers to pistils and stamens. For a long time, schoolgirls may not even be aware of the pregnancy until their parents or school catch up and take action.


The influence of the street and bad company


Misunderstanding in the family and problems at school attract schoolgirls to the street to communicate with peers in companies. The feeling of rejection and depression, often leading to thoughts of death, pushes them to dangerous acquaintances, which can lead to many sad consequences; teenage pregnancy, in this case, may not be the worst result of such communication.




According to psychologists, shy and calm girls are most often subjected to violence. The habit of obeying elders causes submission to such adolescents; they overly trust unfamiliar adults and are ready to fulfill any request. Obedient teenage girls sometimes do not even understand the horror of what happened. In addition to unquestioning obedience, adolescents should be in the habit of sharing problems with their parents, and parents should talk with their child about the rules of safe behavior.


Pregnancy as a way to leave the family


All adolescents dream of starting an independent life, escape from pressure and excessive, as they think, parental care. Such a desire often leads adolescents not to job search, but to early pregnancy.


How to determine pregnancy:


-> Violation and termination of the menstrual cycle. This symptom is not 100 percent. Menstrual irregularities can also be detected in cases of hormonal imbalance, vitamin deficiency, and other diseases.

-> Soreness and swelling of the chest.

-> The feeling of hunger is increasing; preferences when choosing food are changing.

-> Unwell in the morning, signs of toxicosis: vomiting and nausea.

-> Frequent mood swings for no apparent reason.

-> The doctor's diagnosis is a mandatory visit to the gynecologist at the first sign of pregnancy.


Who to blame?


Early pregnancy is a tragedy for a teenage girl and her parents. Parents are confused; they are afraid to take responsibility for what is happening. In this situation, as a rule, parents pour their emotions on a teenager, who already has a hard time without it. But teenage pregnancy is the main sign of misunderstanding and alienation in the relationship between a mother and a teenage girl. From childhood, a mother must take part in all her child's endeavors and must create relationships in which the girl herself chooses the mother as the main confidant. In an awkward situation, it is necessary not to blame the teenager, but to decide together what to do next.

How to avoid an unpleasant situation?

To avoid an unpleasant situation, you need to learn to take care of yourself from childhood. A visit to a pediatric gynecologist and prenatal diagnosis will be more useful than the advice of friends, whose knowledge on sexual relations, safe sex, and early pregnancy is doubtful. No need to wait for the situation to resolve itself; an early visit to the doctor will help solve the problem much easier. Parents should be informed as soon as possible. Mom's first emotions will pass away; they should not be afraid. Mom will definitely help and tell you how to solve the problem; parents will always do everything possible for their child.