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Tips for finding the right video editing program

Aug 04, 2018

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It does not matter if you are a novice or an expert in editing, in the market, you will find many programs with which you can mount video. This can sometimes lead to compulsively buying different applications. Everyone has their preferences regarding how to organize their own work, and there are even people who are not convinced by the most technically advanced software. To help you choose the most suitable video editing software, we will give you the following clues.

1: Take advantage of the trial versions!

It sounds like a child's game, right? The trial versions are a great opportunity to know the characteristics of each program. Comparing the different programs, it will be easier for you to choose the one that facilitates a more effective learning.

2: Choose a program according to previous knowledge

If you are still a beginner in video editing online, it is not advisable to start with professional software. Programs with a good workflow and standard functions are ideal when you have mastered the assembly technique and the structuring of audiovisual material. Flour from another costal are already issues such as color correction or applying object-oriented effects. Having too many possibilities to choose from can overwhelm and hinder the creative process. When making a decision you have to take into account your preferences, your learning curve or the technical complexity of the functions.

3: Choose a program with an intuitive workflow

With an intuitive workflow, you do not have to continually consult the instruction manual and you avoid unnecessary waste of time. If you love studying manuals and spend hours reading them, do not take this advice into account. We have all gone through that moment, when we have needed an eternity just to upload a clip in the editor, when in fact we already planned our creative process.

In a good video editor, all the tools can be located at the first glance, which facilitates the development of your ideas.

4: The timeline should be multifunctional

All the functions, which you see on the screen, are waiting for you to click on them to start shaping your ideas. It does not matter if you lack previous experience, because at least you have the possibility of adding effects to your timeline:

  • Separate audio tracks on the video
  • Transition effects between clips

It also helps a lot to have guides that help during editing:

  • frames and audio spectrum
  • intuitive symbols and time stamps for effects

Always look for these features in the editor you want to use. This compensates in the long term since it makes your work much easier and the editing is much more enjoyable.

5: Pay attention to the audio options

You will save a lot of time and stress if you choose an application for video editing that can also work audio files. This also depends on how much you want to deepen the sound editing, for example, if you need to have multiple audio tracks. When evaluating a trial version, we recommend that you check if the following options are available in the program:

  • Do you have the sound of your own track in the timeline?
  • Can you separate the audio track from its corresponding video track?
  • Can you adjust the audio level, add audio or music files, or minimize interference and noise?

6: Compatibility between your hardware and the editing program

Which Software best suits the configuration of your PC? It is necessary to know if your system meets the minimum requirements. It is better not to try experiments. This prevents the creation of defective videos, system failures, and data loss.

Let's go for the devices now. You have to have a basic knowledge about types of formats, to choose the ideal output format. Some devices use only their own formats and settings or have some limitations. In these cases, it is very helpful to be able to adjust the image frequency and the image format in the application. If you also use an additional audio recorder, your application must be able to integrate it into the workflow.

Each device always has its own limitations and drawbacks. So take your time to configure your program correctly, to get an optimal reproduction of your videos. Otherwise, it will not be possible to extract the maximum performance from your system.