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IPTV - Everything you need to know

Aug 04, 2018

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The digital world is no longer the same as it was before, all thanks to the inclusion of the new IPTV. The Internet has astonished since its inception for being a place that covers everything, including television. So without further ado is how you introduce this fascinating subject that you must know at all costs. Everything you need to know about IPTV is here! What are you waiting to find out?

IPTV (Internet Protocol television) is popular nowadays. This consists of the distribution of pay television signals through broadband connections over the IP protocol. That is, you get television the same way you get the Internet at home. Fascinating, do not you think? Keep reading and do not miss knowing more about it right here.

What exactly is IPTV?

It is not very difficult to know what IPTV is exactly. As already said, it is a means by which you can acquire television as if it were the Internet. It uses broadband connections, which is why these are the services that handle and market this kind of protocol.

IPTV was developed based on the video-streaming technology or video relay itself. With it, you do not have to wait to download a file as such, to be able to enjoy its content. In other words, you can simply watch the channels you want in real time and at any time.

Waving more on how IPTV works, you can add that it allows the development of pay per view. Thanks to the fact that the content will reach the client when he requests it, it can simply charge for what he requests. This radically changes the way we perceive television as with other technologies this is impossible to do.

You can customize what you want to see on your TV with just this kind of unconventional connection. No doubt this is the future of television! Regarding the operation of IPTV, it must be said that it needs several mutually related areas. These areas would come encompassing the following:

  • Video signal and their respective servers.
  • Content distribution.
  • Necessary software.
  • Subscription and access equipment.

This is how IPTV works. You request the service, see if you comply with the conditions and you pass through the aforementioned areas to obtain the service. There are many countries that have this system to entertain the masses. Surely yours is in that list of countries. Find out and get this service as soon as possible!

The big difference between IPTV and online television

It is prudent to emphasize the latent difference between IPTV and online television. As you may have noticed, both are very different both in operation and in user mode. Find out what their big differences are!

In the first instance, it is enclosed in a considerable space of broadband provided to the client. Therefore, it does not have to enter, as such, the Internet to be able to use it. Basically, it works as the Internet in a more particular and specific way around videos and audiovisual material.

On the other hand, when we talk about online television, we only refer to watching television over the Internet. The broadband that you use for your Internet is the same one that you will use to watch television. The content will be limited and the quality does not promise to be the best in the market.

Advantages of IPTV

The biggest advantage it has is undoubtedly its ability to choose all the content you want to see. Whether it's a movie, a series or a specific song, you can customize your television!

IPTV includes both traditional television channels and those that you've always wanted to watch. That is, you have a wider range of channels and, best of all, with a better definition. Because you have a bandwidth reserved for this purpose, you can have an impressive image resolution. This resolution far exceeds what you can get from satellite or cable television.

To make matters worse, you have the ability to store content on your TV to see what you want when you want. And you can do everything from the comfort of your bed! In addition, you can use all kinds of mobile applications for IPTV and thus have control of everything. From searching the content to blocking the programming that is not suitable for minors, simply by accessing your smartphone. And just as there are many other advantages that you can discover if you venture into this world.

The digital IPTV box: the whole world at home thanks to the Internet

If you want to receive more programs than those available on your cable TV, simply connect it to the Internet through an IPTV box and it is a good aspect of these devices for grab TV channels from the Internet. This gives you access to SSR programs, a wide choice of live channels and a large video library where you can rent movies on demand, according to your wishes. The quality of program delivery differs according to providers.

 The advantages of the digital IP TV box

  • Many additional functions
  • Video on demand (VOD) to rent movies
  • The pause and replay functions
  • The recording function
  • Interesting combined subscriptions (Internet / telephone / television)