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5 Reasons Why Home Designers Are Choosing Brick Veneer

Jun 15, 2019

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Many materials home designers and owners can choose from. And many of them are asking about the advantages of brick veneer Toronto. They have their own reasons why they consider brick veneer for their wall or fireplace project they have in mind. 

We have talked to Century Architexture about why brick veneer is the hottest material in their shop. Read on the essential reasons why you should consider this type of material for the project have in mind.

Has similar appearance to natural bricks

When they were first introduced, the contrast between the brick veneer and traditional concrete or clay bricks are very evident; you can easily distinguish which is veneer and which was natural. But today not anymore, they are made from clay and shale. To ensure that the look and feel or texture of veneer is now virtually identical to regular bricks. The only noticeable difference is on their thickness. 

A veneer is more lightweight

Brick veneers are more lightweight than natural bricks. Being lightweight, it is much easier to handle and manipulate during installation. The surface underneath the brick veneer Toronto does not need to have excessive weight-bearing element. Since they are lightweight, they can be easy to install in most residential walls.

They cost less and installed in a short time

Compared to natural bricks, brick veneers are very affordable in all aspects. They have lower unit costs, and the constructions and installation costs are also a lot lower than their natural counterpart. It is easy to install you don’t have to spend a lot of time to install and maintain them. Plus, they also have lower cleaning and care costs. And because the brick veneers are as durable as traditional brick veneers, they can last an exceptionally long time minus the high maintenance costs.

DIYers love it

If you are one of the do-it-yourselfers, brick veneers are much easier to install and keep brick veneer. Here are the few reasons why DIYers adore them:

  • It only requires one level of masonry
  • Brick veneer requires a straightforward support system as compared to a solid brick that needs more massive and expensive foundation.
  • Veneer does not require much maintenance once it is installed.
  • It is very easy to paint and stain brick veneer in the color of your choice

It provides great insulation

Most of the brick veneers are graded and sold according to their insulation capacity. They call it the R-values. When they are appropriately installed, you can take advantage of its high insulation capacity. This quality also means that you can use brick veneer Toronto anywhere in the home to create the perfect amount of insulation, style, and comfort like fireplaces, walls, sidings, and kitchen backsplash.

Want to know more about brick veneer?

Century Architexture prides itself for offering a fantastic selection of brick styles and colors. They work with a wide range of architects, designers, and homeowners in Canada. They also provide brick installation services at competitive prices.