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Home Decor Trends To Add To Your Home This 2020

Jan 21, 2020

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Are you geared up for the next decade? Get your home a mini-makeover to celebrate the turn of the century! You don’t have to do a full renovation - just updating your home decor will do the job! This 2020, updating your home decor is easier and more convenient than ever, with numerous apps and articles on the web to help you with it.


If you’re still on the fence about updating your home decor, perhaps getting an app that visualizes the change will be helpful. There are many apps you can download in your smartphones, which will give you access to a world of wonderful home renovation ideas. Houzz is the premier option, but Pinterest is a great alternative, too.


We’ve collated the best home decor trends for you to peruse and consider this 2020. You don’t have to do all of them. Pick and apply the ones which you think are apt for the living space you have at the moment. Remember always to practice caution when it comes to combining themes in your home, unless you want to have a contemporary looking living room and a Victorian-styled kitchen!

Classic blue is the color this year.

Pantone announced the color of the year is classic blue. Best believe that the color will trickle down to any industry, may it be fashion, construction, art, and home renovation. To add in classic blue hues in your living space, make sure that it won’t clash with your existing decorations, first.


Getting plastic storage baskets in whites or classic blue is a great starter. This way, you can slowly integrate the color in your pantry. For living rooms, don’t limit yourself to just classic blues. Pastel, baby, and powder blues are great to combine when it comes to throwing pillows. If you’re bold, getting a classic blue sofa will do the trick as well.

Contrasting color.

There’s nothing more arresting than a high-contrast tile wall. Think white tiles with black accents, or pastel yellow peppered with deep purples. High contrast walls are back in business. That’s why you’ll need to decide for yourself if you’re joining the bandwagon. Contrasting colors can be an acquired taste, and thus, it needs careful decision-making.


Colors that complement each other has been a decor staple since the dawn of time, so don’t limit yourself to just tile walls. You can add this design philosophy to bed covers and linens, living room walls, even in your food storage. If you’re going for something bold, always exercise caution and practice subtlety.

Patterns in the bedroom.

The turn of the century ushers in a new, yet classic take on bedroom design - patterns. Think geometrical shapes, flowers, lines, etc. Gone are the days where your sheets and pillowcases are boring and plain - this is the time to go bold and gaudy. Black and white floral patterns are classic, as well as parallel lines with different colors.


Duvets and sham can stay in plain colors. But your closet organizers can be patterned as well. Again, don’t limit this decor philosophy to just the bedroom. You can do this to the living room, kitchen, and patio. The best part of this design trend? It’s inexpensive! Patterns and texture in cloth materials generally fetch lower prices than their plain counterparts.

Art on walls.

Not wall art. But the art on the actual wall painted on. It doesn’t need to be intricate, in fact, just some painter’s tape and a little creativity will do. Search for YouTube videos for inspiration, but one of our favorites is little trees on black paint, crisscrossing patterns, and linear shapes.


If you have the money to spend on a professional artist-painter, go ahead. Make sure, though, to sit down and have a chat with the painter so that he or she understands the changes you want to make in your living space. If you don’t have a definite idea of what to do, you can ask for their portfolio, and start from there.


Sprucing up your home can be a pet project for you to do on the weekends. Renovating doesn’t need to be expensive, in fact, if you are creative, you can make a living space look updated with just a few hundred bucks. Heed these home decor ideas this year to transition yourself and your space into the next decade seamlessly. Enjoy redecorating!