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7 Best Streaming Sites for Your Money in 2019

May 15, 2019

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After years of playing catch-up, Netflix has officially upended the entertainment landscape. The streaming giant is officially able to boast having more subscribers than the biggest cable companies in the country.

That meteoric rise speaks to a couple of things.

First of all, it tells us that Netflix and its fellow streaming services are providing incredible value to consumers when considering the price they're asking versus the content that they're delivering. Second, it tells us that cable has flat out dropped the ball when it comes to the products that they're selling.

To celebrate the incredible success that streaming services have experienced, below, we showcase our picks for what the best streaming sites are as of 2019.

1. Netflix

Netflix still reigns supreme among the best streaming sites thanks to its profound vision. As a matter of fact, we're willing to bet that you're already subscribed to this streaming giant.

With hit shows like Stranger Things and The Crown keeping its boat sailing, we don't think that anything is going to stand in Netflix's way when it comes to being #1 other than Netflix itself.

Some ways that Netflix could hurt its supremacy include it folding under the massive debt that it holds and its refusal to license other people's content.

2. Hulu

Sliding into our second slot is Hulu. Hulu was a concoction created by NBC which has grown far beyond its humble roots of just being an NBC rerun network.

Today, Hulu is owned in large part by Comcast and Disney. And guess what? Disney is about to buy Comcast's shares.

With Disney backing this awesome streaming site and a lot of speculation about how that might tie in with Disney's new streaming service, Disney Plus, we're excited to find out where this platform is headed in the future.

3. YouTube TV

Video content and the internet collectively bow down to Google and their behemoth of a product, YouTube. There's no bigger purveyor of media content in the world.

That's why selling a premium streaming service made so much sense when YouTube announced those ambitions a few years back.

YouTube started on its premium streaming journey by offering YouTube red. It then evolved further by offering a variety of live channels via its YouTube TV product.

We love YouTube TV, how well it works and its unlimited cloud storage. We think that you'll love it for the same reasons.

4. HBO Now

HBO Now is about to become a much harder sell given the conclusion of Game of Thrones. Just because you won't be able to watch dragons burning things on the service though doesn't mean that it's not worth your time anymore.

HBO Now has a whole bevy of awesome shows including Vice News, Silicon Valley, and even Sesame Street.

Not to mention that HBO is launching its new "Watchmen" series which looks absolutely incredible.

5. Starz

Starz doesn't get enough attention thanks to the likes of HBO and Netflix. And you know what? That's totally not fair.

Starz has a number of new shows and at just $8.99 a month, their streaming service is well worth picking up.

If you're looking for a great Starz show to get hooked on, we recommend Outlander.

6. Amazon Prime Video

Thought we were going to leave Amazon Prime Video off of our best streaming sites list? We almost did but we thought better of it after watching some Sneaky Pete reruns.

Amazon Prime Video had a lot of momentum a couple of years back with hit shows like Transparent picking up a bevy of awards. Since those days, the streaming service has started to slow down.

Still, given its pedigree, we have no doubt that Amazon will start churning out hits that light the world on fire again.

Also, since Prime Video comes bundled with people's Prime memberships, chances are you're getting this streaming service for free!

You can opt into Prime Video without subscribing to Amazon Prime if you choose to pay $8.99 per month. At that rate though, you're better off just becoming a full-on Amazon Prime member.

7. PlayStation Vue

PSVue is Sony's streaming service that was supposed to take the world by storm. It didn't.

First PSVue was plagued by low subscriber counts due to the fact that it hardly had any content for users. Once it remedied that issue by getting aggressive about licensing content, other streaming services had caught up to a lot of the platform's innovations which made Sony just another player in a very crowded market.

Despite all of that, we like PSVue's interface and speed (it must be using a better IPTV server than its competitors). For those reasons, it's worth trying it out via a trial offer.

Wrapping Up the 7 Best Streaming Sites for Your Money in 2019

2019 has been yet another big year for the best streaming sites. They're enjoying more subscribers than ever and content keeps getting better.

Here's the rub though... Believe it or not, many of the biggest names in streaming are posting losses.

With subscriber fees low and production budgets sky-high, it'll be interesting to see how companies like Netflix start paying back the debt they're racking up.

We'll keep our fingers crossed that the ultimate solution doesn't end up being to just raise subscriber fees... Again.

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