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Go Team! 8 Ways to Boost Team Spirit for Your Christian Sports Teams

May 09, 2019

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Team sports do a great job of building self-esteem, improving people's attitudes, and teaching them to work together and collaborate with others.

They also provide athletes with opportunities to get to know people they never would have met otherwise.

One of the keys to having a good experience while playing sports, though, is to make sure there is a great sense of team spirit among all the players.

If you're a coach who's having trouble keeping athletes engaged and working together as part of a team, keep reading.

Listed below are some helpful tips that will teach you how to build team spirit among the players on your Christian sports team.

1. Listen Well

Being a good listener can go a long way when it comes to building team spirit and encouraging players to work together.

Let your players know that you're always willing to listen to their ideas, concerns, and suggestions. Make sure you follow through with that promise, too.

When someone comes to you and wants to talk, do your best to give them your undivided attention.

Actively listen to what they have to say and provide them with a thoughtful response. Try not to get defensive or react from a place of emotion, even when the feedback is harsher than you'd like.

The more you can do to build a reputation for being a good listener, the more dedicated your players will be and the more support your team will receive as a whole.

2. Give Them Some Swag

Be sure to give your players something that represents their team, too.

This guide talks about the benefits of handing out foam fingers to incite team spirit among fans, but don't forget to share some swag with the players as well.

Sports teams that are affiliated with a church might not have a very large budget.

Investing in matching shirts or even something small like matching sweatbands can help to bring your team together and get them excited to be part of something bigger than themselves.

3. Use the Right Language

It's important to speak to your players in a way that encourages them to do their best. Don't tear them down or be overly critical.

There's nothing wrong with giving corrections. In fact, that's part of your job as a coach. Remember, though, that your comments should be uplifting and constructive.

When you give feedback to a player, make sure you tell them what they can do to fix the problem. Don't just present them with an issue and expect them to figure out the solution on their own.

4. Share Decisions

A great way to get your players involved and remind them that they are part of a team is to let them participate in the decision-making process.

Let them make suggestions for the particular drills you work on during practice or the plays they make during a game.

If your players feel that they have a say in what the team does and can play a role in the success of their team, they're going to feel a much stronger sense of dedication.

5. Teach Responsibility

Encourage your players to develop a sense of responsibility, too.

After each game, sit down at talk to them about some of the highlights. Be sure to point out the way each player contributed and helped to make a particular outcome (positive and negative) possible.

This teaches your players to take ownership of their actions. It also reminds them that, in order to succeed, everyone on a team has to work together and contribute to the end goal.

6. Make it Fun

As a coach, you want your players to do their best and you want them to win as often as possible. Don't get so caught up in winning, though, that you forget to make sports fun.

Your players aren't going to want to work together as a team if they're not having fun out on the field or court. Remember that there's a time to work and a time to play.

Do your best to make practices and games fun and uplifting so that players will want to come back in the future.

7. Encourage Positivity

As a coach, it's important to make sure you're encouraging positivity among your players at all times.

If you hear a player making negative comments or discouraging other players, take them aside and let them know why that's not helpful or productive.

Make sure you're leading by example and showing them what a positive attitude looks like, too.

It may also be helpful to show them a video or sermon about the importance of positivity, too. This one by Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is a great on to teach them about positivity during times of adversity.

8. Plan Team-Building Activities

Finally, a great way to build team spirit is to plan team-building activities.

It's not enough for your players to practice together once a week and maybe attend church together on Sundays. If you want them to respect and care for one another, you have to take additional steps to make sure they really get to know each other.

There are lots of different team-building activities you can put together for your players, including things like relay races and obstacle courses that require a great deal of teamwork.

You can also take them out to enjoy activities that are purely for fun, such as watching a local sports team play.

Learn More Ways to Build Team Spirit

As you can see, there are lots of ways that you can boost team spirit and get your athletes excited to play.

Keep these tips in mind and it'll be much easier for you to bring everyone together and keep them excited and motivated.

If you're looking for more ways to increase team spirit, be sure to check out some of our videos today.

We have a variety of sermons available that will get your team pumped up in no time. Part 1 of this home team series is a great place to start!