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9 Tips for Modern, Minimalist Interior Design That Fit Your Style

May 09, 2019

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Thinking of how you can pull off a modern minimalist interior design?

Well, we're here to get you the style of your dreams. Living minimally is becoming more and more popular.

It's refreshing to live without the weight of clutter surrounding you all the time. Instead, you can kick back and relax in a large, light room. But it's more than looks; it's about the mood and use of your room.

Keep reading to discover our top nine tips for achieving a minimalist design!

1. Modern Minimalist Interior Design Tip That Always Works: Decluttering by Organizing

When you first start out living simple, it can be hard to change old habits. Like any other habit you change, you have to set yourself up for success. Decluttering is easy, but maintaining it is key!

To do this, the best tip we recommend is having an organization system for items you need to get rid of. Have a lifespan for items that can either be a donation or trash. Keep separate bins for each, and use them every week.

When you have a discarding process, it makes it easy to maintain your simple lifestyle.

2. Thinking About Room Color

The psychology of color can come in handy when you're working to redecorate any room or home. You can learn more about warm minimalist decor to give life to any room. Warm styles are nice in living spaces and bedrooms.

They offer a cozy glow so that your mind feels at peace! For minimalistic designs, you'll want to use neutral and natural colors. Pastels also work because they're gentle and mute.

If you need color ideas, some choices include:

  • Taupe
  • Cremé
  • Mauve
  • White

When in doubt a white paint is a great place to start. It's easy to paint over in the future, but it's also great to make accent pieces stand out.

3. Lines, Lines, and More Lines

Lines are going to be your best friend when it comes to a simple lifestyle. When you think about boxes, they're easy to fit together. The aim is to have many items that can fit together in balance.

This creates the effect that all furniture or storage is in order. Black lines can stand out on a white wall. You might opt for hanging, black shelves on a white wall.

This will give off a chic, sleek look that's simple and gives off the appearance of balance.

4. Magic of Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are easy to overlook but hold great power. When you are able to combine different shapes, you can build different patterns. This works with any item in your home.

Think about geometric shapes forming images as a decor accent piece. Or, you can buy sectional sofas that have storage compartments. In the storage area, you can keep:

  • Books
  • Films
  • Board games

Living a simple lifestyle doesn't mean you have to give up entertainment. There are options for eliminating the bulk. You can always listen to music or watch movies from a laptop so you don't need a tv!

5. Lighting and Positioning

Lighting is another element that can transform the mood of a room. If you position light from the ground facing up you'll be creating a spotlight. The same is for when it faces down, but there is are less darker tones.

The closer to a wall, the dark the effect of the spotlight. To flesh out an accent piece, use lighting to draw attention to the object. Think of an art gallery, but aim to place the lights a little further away then galleries.

That way, the spotlight looks natural and also lights up the whole room.

6. Nature and Indoor Plants

Indoor plants will change up and transform a room with little effort. Remodel your bathroom by adding in some greenery and a pattern shower curtain. A few bold accent pieces, also work to balance the room.

Don't forget to rearrange the light so that the accent pieces are the main focus of the room. One good item to consider is the bamboo stick air fresheners. They're beautiful decor for any room but also offer a wonderful smell.

7. Furniture with Versatility

Living as a minimalist, you often have to consider thinking outside of the box. This includes your furniture and finding the right pieces for you. When furniture shopping, take measurements of the area you're working with.

Have an idea of what size each piece of furniture you want to be. Your aim should be to have large open spaces. That means you'll need to research small pieces of furniture that offer versatility.

You can find sofas that open into beds, or storage cubes that offer seating. Items that can do more than one thing are every minimalist's dream!

8. It's Okay to Be Picky

Living with the bare minimum will teach you the value of each object. That means you'll need to have items that are useful! Having items that don't help with your day-to-day life will only take up space.

Find use in all your objects, and discard the rest. Also, when shopping around for new items, be selective. Choose items you know will be durable and bring your comfort.

With time, living simple [you'll find] will help your spirit grow!

9. Textures and Wallpaper

Many people overlook the power of textures or pattern wallpaper. When you find a colorful retro style, it can look beautiful with the right lighting. Find simple patterns for the most satisfying effect.

Don't forget about rug options, which you can pair with plain wallpaper. Still, patterns and different textures offer a simple way to decorate.

Taking the Plunge

A modern minimalist interior design seems more daunting than it is. Once you live clutter-free, it'll become easier to live simple. Don't be afraid to take the plunge into the simple life.

Remember to enjoy the journey of switching up your style. Building the right style for your home will make a more positive atmosphere. Everyone will get to enjoy your new look when they come together for dinner!