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What is Traction Control and When Does Your Car Need It?

May 07, 2019

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22% of all vehicle incidents are weather-related.

Driving in rainy weather means you need to give your undivided attention and your car must be in good condition.

Have you ever thought about the safety of your car while driving in bad weather? If you have never thought about it is because your car never gave you a chance.

Due to the stability traction control, you can rely on the system for your safety as well as for the car’s safety.

Do all cars have traction control? This question in the past would have given you a limited answer. Today almost every car has this system that helps drivers drive safely in extreme weather conditions.

With traction and stability control, you can limit car or tire slip on slippery surfaces when acceleration is given. In the past, it was difficult as drivers had to feather the gas pedal. However, today they can use electronic controls to restrict power delivery.

With one stability control button, you can control the car. This helps you in eliminating wheel slip giving you the safest driving experience.

How Does the Traction Control System Work?

Do you know about the Traction Control System in cars? If yes, then you must be aware of its importance and necessity in a car. If your answer, however, is no then do not worry. This guide can help you in understanding the term as well as how it works.

It is a reverse anti-clock brake system in a car. They use sensors to know if the wheels have lost traction. These are the same sensors that are used in reverse anti-clock brake systems.

The only difference is that these systems check wheel slippage when acceleration is given instead of deceleration.

If the traction stability control system senses that a wheel is slipping it has some corrective actions that can be taken. Just like the anti-lock braking system, the traction control system can make the vehicle slow down.

Traction control button comes with another function that helps in managing the engine operations. If there is a need, the traction control system can reduce the fuel supply or spark to cylinders.

If your vehicle uses the throttle, it can close the throttle so that engine power can be reduced.

When Is It Time to Use Traction Control?

It is a common safety feature that is now present almost in every car. It becomes active automatically whenever the car is in need. It comes in to assist the driver whenever it feels the need to use it.

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind for making it work. You need to know how tires work. You need to know the warning signs so you can deal with the issue.

If you are aware of these warning signs, you will sense the alarms and this is where the stability control system helps you. So the car senses the need and the stability traction control jumps in.

In order to make it work you need to buy a car that has this feature. If you are confused about the price of a car then this video can help you determine the best price of your product.

How to Turn Off Traction Control?

Many cars give you the freedom to choose the turn on and turn off button. If the drivers know how to turn it off then it becomes easy for them to determine. With just holding a stability control button you can disable the stability traction control.

If you are unable to find the button or do not know how to use it then consult the owner’s manual. The button’s location and its features are explained in detail in this manual.

There is only one button to turn on the safety mode as well as to turn it off. Learn about turning off traction control when it isn't needed. This way you will have more control over the vehicle.

How Traction Control Is Different from Stability Control?

Some people are of the view that electronic stability and traction control are the same. The truth is both systems are different and separate from each other. They are, however, brake based systems and are present in one vehicle.

If you are having problems with your vehicle then this automotive mechanic shop can be of great help.

Traction and stability control works against spinning. It makes sure that your vehicle does not spin or lose stability. The electronic stability is an evolved version of traction control.

A traction control system keeps the car in the same direction as the driver wants it. The electronic control system intervenes when the car is steered and it controls the braking system in multiple wheels.

It also controls the power in the engine so that the car continues to move in the direction that is intended.

Since electronic stability control has more functions to perform than traction control it is now often considered as secondary when it comes to the car’s stability control.

This is the basic difference between traction control and electronic stability control. You can choose the one that suits you the most.

How Can I Take Advantage of Traction Stability Control?

The traction control system can be of great advantage if you are driving in extreme weather conditions. If you are driving on a road that is icy and wet then you can take full advantage of the system.

However, there are certain limitations that should be considered. If your vehicle is stuck in heavy snow or slick ice then these systems fail to help you.

Stability control system helps you in sending an optimum amount of power to each wheel. If all your wheels are freewheeling then it won't be of any help. In this case, you are required to provide the wheels with something that can give them a strong grip. Check out this article on improving grip.

Apart from providing assistance when acceleration is given, the traction and stability control can also help you in maintaining control when you are cornering. In a sharp turn, your wheels tend to lose control and traction.

Depending on the type of tire your vehicle has, the stability traction control can help you in maintaining traction.

If you are stuck in a dark place with your vehicle then the stability control system can help you apply in maintaining a stable position. A car charge flashlight can save the day. If you are stuck in the middle of the road, this gadget can help you find a way.

Traction Control System with Lights On

There are certain indicators in the car that keep you well informed about the condition of the traction control system.

If the traction control system lights are illuminated then it means that the system is not functioning. This also means that the system will not be able to help you if you are stuck on slick roads.

While it is safe to drive the vehicle with the light on but you need to pay attention as to when and how quickly you need to accelerate.

Having illuminated traction control system lights does not always mean that the system is not working. They also light up when the system is in action.

In such cases, the system usually shuts off whenever the traction control is restored. Since the system works on its own without making its presence known the illumination of light can only tell you that you were in danger.

What Are the Limitations of the Stability Traction Control System?

Traction stability control system has some limitations. It is like any other safety features that work better if you are fully aware of its features.

If you are not driving properly and are indulging in inappropriate acts like speeding, tailgating, etc then these acts work against the traction system. For instance, if you are driving very fast for the road condition, there is a chance of a car crash.

Even if you have traction control it will not help you in such a situation. It is important for drivers to remain vigilant while driving. Traction control does not intervene when the drivers have to stop faster on the slippery road surface.

Behaviors like fatigue, alcohol, driver distraction, etc that lengthen reaction time are not encouraged by this system. The system fails to work or help you under such conditions.

What Did We Learn?

The stability traction control system is an amazing feature that is present in almost every car. It has its pros that help drivers drive safely under extreme weather conditions. There are some limitations that come with this feature.

Drivers should be aware of these limitations in order to take full advantage of the system. Traction and stability control system keeps the drivers safe while driving. In order to learn more about it, you can visit our channel.

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