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Offering custom packaging boxes is one of our specialties where our clients can design them according to their own desires and ideas.

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Gable Boxes- A Need for a Modern-Day Packaging World

Nov 13, 2017

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The Gable Boxes provides the best solution in respect of giving an attractive and unique look to the products. Their innovative and fascinating design separates them from others and placed them in a superior place. Mostly, they are made from cardboard material because it is preferred and liked by many manufacturers as it allows them easy and simple customization options which they can use to further enhance their appearance and beauty by selecting their own choice color, size, and printing artwork for them. They are available in other materials as well but they do not come with easy customization options and with that, they are not as cheap as cardboard ones are. They provide a good-looking and gorgeous packing solution in a cost-effective way which is also durable and sturdy enough to hold the products in perfect shape.

Manufacturing: -

The main purpose of any packaging is to hold the product in a perfect shape till it reaches the customer’s hands. Therefore, the selection of a right building material is an important process. There are different building materials available in the market such as cardboard, cardstock paper, plastic, and many others which can be used in their manufacturing. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages like cardstock paper is cheap but it is not durable and strong enough, plastic is cheap and recyclable but cannot be molded into different shapes easily, and in the same way, it applies on the other materials as well. Now the question arises that which one is the best among all of them? If you ask many designers to select one, the answer will go in the favor of cardboard by a huge margin as it has more advantages than disadvantages as compared to the other materials. It provides a cost-effective solution for durability and sturdiness. Most importantly, it allows the designer’s countless customization options in easy and simple ways like custom printing options, can be molded into different shapes easily, and many others.

Designing: -

In the second phase, the designing of these boxes takes place. Due to their unique shape and style, they are always rated highly and very popular among the makers who want to showcase their products in an eye-catching and striking way. By adding some extra features to their design makes their appearance more gorgeous and extraordinary such as adding a window in it, make partitions inside, and some others. The window style kraft gable boxes uk possesses the see-through ability which becomes a basic need of today’s packaging styles. The window is usually covered with a transparent plastic sheet or sometimes it remains open as it is through which customers can see and judge the features of the enclosed items. This makes the buying decision easier for the customers as they can judge the quality and other features of the product before they buy it. Another attribute that can be added in their design to make them more convenient in use is by making partition inside the box in which the goods will fit-in and remains safe and secure during the transportation. Similarly, many other attributes can also be added like putting a plastic handle on the top gives it more strength to pack and carry heavy items in them, use of corrugated cardboard sheets makes them more durable and many others.

Printing: -

The next important thing that helps in making their appearance more appealing and tempting is by printing them with innovative and beautiful artworks. The cardboard material allows custom printing options with the help of simple and cheap resources. The designers can use interactive imagery, graphics, and bright color schemes in the making of these artworks to give them an intriguing and absorbing look that catches the customer’s attention instantly. The competition levels are very high in today’s business world and there are various different companies manufacturing the same products. So, it is very important for them that their products give an attractive and eye-catching look while placed on the store shelves among their competitor’s products. These nicely printed gable style boxes provide them an ideal solution for this and make their items look stand out among the others.

Convenience: -


Customers look for convenience in everything these days. Quality of the products does matter a lot but it is observed that these days buyers attract more towards those things while shopping which is packed in convenient packaging as they are not very much concerned about their quality. The customized boxes comes with a handle on the top that makes them easier to carry and bring more convenience to the buyers as compared to the others. That’s why they prefer to buy those items among from many similar items which are packed in such packing styles.