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Cheating On A Marriage Partner

Feb 14, 2018

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I had earlier written something on cheating in marriage. It was not exhaustive, nonetheless, but in this one I am taking it from another perspective – the perspective of the main reason why married couples cheat in marriage. Every other reason emanates from this main reason. It is the root cause, the architect of cheating in marriage, nay, the architect of all unfaithfulness.


Who or what Am I talking about? You may ask.  I am talking about he that brought man down from glory. He that brought sin into the life of man, including the sin of cheating in marriage. The being that is responsible for your marriage partner who once loved and cherished you, who amongst all the women and men on earth chose you for life, who vowed never to look at any other man or woman, to suddenly make a volt face and preferred another man or woman.

I am talking about Satan, that old man called the devil, the crooked serpent. He is responsible for all your marriage woes. When your husband or wife goes sniffing around another woman or man it is because the devil has beguiled him or her as he did to King David. Satan deceives a man or woman to believe that there is something in another woman or man that is not in his wife or her husband. Okay, the crooked serpent tells you that the only way to get even is to cheat your spouse. But soon after you realize that you have only succeeded in ruining your marriage or contacting STD.

Cheating your spouse is about the worst offence you can commit against him or her. It is also the greatest and worst of all the forces which Satan marshals out against sound marriage relationship. Cheating in marriage affects the entire family – it harms the offender, the spouse and the children. It makes a man or a woman lose self-esteem. It makes the offender look ordinary.

Satan knows all these. He knows that when a spouse becomes ordinary to his or her partner, respect, love and confidence is lost. And these are the bases of marriage. When they are lost married couples would become room mates trying to cope on mutual respect until one gets fed up and quits. That is all he wants to achieve. So he will blindfold his victim to this reality with the fantasies of ephemeral infatuation and transient pleasure. A cheating spouse is like a drunk hypnotized by false enjoyment only to awake to the reality of his or her debauchery latter on.

When you compare the women that lure away husbands to the wives of those men, you may see that something is wrong. That also goes for the men that lure away women. Of course, there is something wrong in any man that leaves his wife for another woman. And there is something wrong also in any woman that leaves her husband for another man. What is wrong is what the devil has put in that man or woman.


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Alex Wise is a dating consultant and blog contributor. He writes his best ideas, advice and tips about relationships, online dating and marriage for blogs and sites. For more information, please visit http://loveawake.com