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Manna of Heaven Ministr|Uganda

"This is the bread which comes down from heaven not as your fathers ate the manna and are dead . He who eats this bread will live for ever" (John 6:58)

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Dear God, I am so grateful for Your peace! In the day when I am active and in the night when I am asleep, Your peace is available to cover me, for Your word says: "You will keep him in |more

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Manna of Heaven Ministr Mar 25, 2009 4 Comments

Father almighty we bless your holy name in the most wonderful name of Jesus Christ. Jehovah Jireh, silver and gold belongs to you and I trust you with all my heart believing that it is your will to provide for us and establish us as a ministry bringing glory to your name in this generation and our nation in particular By faith we trust you for a financial provision of at least 5,000 US dollars in the next three months to enable us buy land for the ministry head quarters in Lira, we also pray that you bless the Church in Lira to get financially established and become a self supporting Church . We commit our entire five year plan and vision into your hands and we ask you to grant us success in every endeavors we undertake in your name, and that our life and testimony as your servants shall help draw others to you rather than to ourselves and our self will. We pray all this in Jesus name, Amen Pastor Alfred Odur , MOHM , Lira 25th March 2009