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Some Very Amazing Facts About The Tattoo And Its Removal

Jan 05, 2020

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Tattoos have been a part of the human civilization since ancient times. Time to time many changes have been seen which made the present forms for the tattoo.


Just like others, the tattoo world is also filled with so many amazing things on which you may think it a bit hard to believe at first.






Below are mentioned some most amazing facts about the tattoo and its removal.

Women get the most tattoo


Women have more tattoos than men. And also, they are more likely to get their tattoos removed than men.

According to one study, it was observed that in the matter of getting a tooth 12% ahead than men. Only 41 % of men at least one tattoo on their body whereas in case of woman this number is a bit more. 59 % of women have at least one tattoo on their bodies.

Tattoo or Tatoo


A tattoo is one of the most misspelt words in the English language. Though it's correct spelling is Tattoo, most people spell it as Tatoo.

Isn't it too much?


The US spends approx 1.7 billion dollars each year on Tattoo.

Too many holes


A tattoo gun pierces the skin 50 to 3000 times in a minute during the process of making a tattoo.

Ankle and Arm


The most preferred skin area for getting tattooed in women is ankle while the most preferred area for getting a tattoo in men is Arm.

Name in tattoo


Not all the people are happy forever with the tattoo they have. On a study, it was observed that almost 23% of people repent for having the tattoo. They especially regret as the tattoo contains some name.

Is it fair?


Almost all the country has no restriction either for having or removing a tattoo but Turkey, Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates are not fully open on using tattoo in the country. It's might be a punishable offence in this country to have a tattoo sometimes.

Black is the best


In the method of laser removal of the tattoo, the laser acts more effectively on dark colours as back and blue. It is so because these colours absorb more energy from the laser beam. Yellow and green are colours are least likely to get removed completely as they do not absorb the energy as the other colours do.

What is a carrier in tattooing?


The solvent to dissolve the tattoo pigment is called a carrier. Pigments used for making tattoo are if two.


In one type the colours are prepared by the tattoo artist to make a different shade of colours by mixing two different shades.


In 2nd type of colours pigment are those which can't be mixed other and are only to use as they are.

Tattoo or bulb


There are two special types of tattoo ink 'Glow in dark' and 'Blacklight'.


The 'Glow in dark' colour absorbs the light energy the emit it in dark condition.


The ' Blacklight ' reacts with the Ultraviolet wave and produce a light effect by the process of fluorescence.


When a tattoo is made with this ink, it is not visible in total light. It is only visible under the effect of ultraviolet rays

Four parts of tattoo making device


The device for making tattoo has four main parts


Needle -it helps in piercing the skin and fixing the flour pigment inside the skin.


Colour tube- this tube is used to hold the colour or pigment to be injected in the skin


Electric motor- this motor helps the needle to pierce in the skin at a different rate


Paddle or controller- this part of the device is used to control the speed of the motor.

Special skin area for making tattoo


All the skin on the body is not same. The skin of one area might be the skin of another area. This is the reason that's the same colour pigment doesn't produce the same effect on all the parts of the skin



In ancient time the urine was used as the carrier for making the tattoo.

More tattoo more...


In research, it was shown that the adults who have tattooed body are more active sexually and also more willing to take the risk.

No HIV found


It's always warned that people are always at risk of getting HIV positive yet till date no any case of HIV transmission through this way is found.



The existing tattoo designs are called as 'flash'.A customer can choose any existing flash to get tattooed or can also demand to make a new flash.



In most of the cultures, animals are the most used in tattoo designs.



The area where the colours of tattoo fade away are given the name 'Holiday'.

The oldest mummy to have a tattoo


The oldest known tattoo was found on the mummy ‘Ötzi' of ice man of Alps. It was found that there were many tattoos in the form of straight lines. Some scientist also said that these marks were the result of reducing the pain in the respective areas of the mummy.

Eggs of insects


One of the oldest ink for making the tattoo was prepared by mixing Egyptian pine bark, corroded bronze, vinegar, vitriol, leek juice and eggs of insect.

Metal salt


Instead of using the natural dye most of the tattoo ink is prepared from the metal salt.

Pigeon faces


In ancient time mainly garlic, like juice, and faeces of pigeons are used to prepare the medicine for tattoo removal.


These are just a few facts which are mentioned here. The history of tattoo is full with many more other amazing facts also which can't be mentioned me just a few lines here. Let's keep the rest to be explored by self to keep the curiosity alive.