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Jan 15, 2020

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Since late 1990s, the Sony, Ninteno and Microsoft are ruling the video game world with their play station, Ninteno DS and Xbox simultaneously. Every year they launch the new console version with new features and the gamers just go crazy and stand in lines to buy their favorite consoles. Sony sold more than 158 million units of its Playstation 2, which is the maximum sale of any video game device. But now new companies are coming into this field and experimenting new things. Last year when I was watching bbc live streaming I came to know, that in November Google will launch its game streaming platform name Stadia and they did on 19, November.






Are you bored of consoles? Do you want something which can stream on any device? Guess what, Goggle platform Stadia is a platform where you can play games on any device whether it’s your television or your laptop and even on mobile phones using the streaming technology, up to 4k quality. You just need a controller and chrome cast to stream the game. The chrome cast has two analog sticks, bumpers and a directional pad. Two more buttons are present on the controller, one is a Share button and the other one is the Google Assistant button. The share button allows the gamers to share their gameplay on YouTube and the Google Assistant button has an inbuilt microphone that allows the voice command. If you have Stadia controller in hand, then you can play any game at 4k quality and 60 FPS streaming on any device having a chrome browser.

How it works:

The platform stores the whole session of the game on the cloud and let all the devices which used chrome to stream the games. It needs high-speed internet to access these games. First, you need to connect the chrome cast to the device on which you want to play it and then you can simple play the game without actually downloading it. It is the major advantage of Stadia over consoles that you do not need to download the whole game and simply you can stream it online. You need to just get the subscription first nearly of 1015 dollars per month and you can get access to many free games that are present on the site. It is the same as Netflix or any other Music app where you can get access to many free movies and music with a monthly subscription.

Is Stadia the future of gaming? Will it replace the consoles?

Well, the first disadvantage of Stadia is the requirement of continuous internet connection. While Google claims that it needs 35 Mbps speed to get the best quality but still that is questionable. While on the other hand, to play games on the console does not require any internet connection and you can access your favorite games even on the places where there is a problem of internet speed. So that is the major disadvantage of using Stadia.

Stadia want to be the “N etflix of Gaming world”. It claims that even the latest games will be available for free with the subscription.  But definitely it won’t be true immediately after the launch and only the third party games will be available for gamers. Whereas, when playing on the console you can simply buy the game from stores and play the most recent games also.

The other major concern is the popularity of the consoles amongst gamers. Almost 200 million consoles are sold every year and numerous PC users are already present and it will be really hard for the Stadia to compete with those. The only advantage I see of using Stadia is the fewer requirements of hardware devices as compared to the consoles.


Maybe in future consoles will be the thing of past and games streaming will take over the video games world. But right now there are so many things about the Stadia that do not fit in the current gaming world. It will be interesting to watch how it will perform in the coming months. One has to go down obviously, only one technology can survive in this industry and current gamers are supporting the old console devices.