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7 hobbies to try as a family

Sep 13, 2019

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Getting your family closer together and spending more quality time together can often be challenging. Besides the fact that each person probably has their own daily schedule, age and personality differences can often prevent you from bonding as strongly as you would desire. If you and your spouse have decided to do something to try and get closer to the kids, as well as to each other, you may be currently looking for solutions.

What you can do here is consider finding a hobby, a leisure activity that everyone can engage in and will also enjoy. Because the things you do in your free time are probably slightly different than what your children do, it might seem difficult to come across an option you can all agree on. Well, here are some suggestions you could go over:


It doesn’t matter if you attend a cooking class or simply prep some meals in the kitchen together, cooking can actually become a family activity, and an enjoyable one as well. You can experiment with dishes from international cuisines, learn how to cook new and interesting meals, and get your kids to like spending time in the kitchen - this will be quite a useful thing for their future adult life. Having everyone in the kitchen and assigning responsibilities will provide you with the ideal setting for family bonding. Your children might not like the idea at first, but if you make the experience fun, they’ll certainly want to try it again.

Social netball

Playing sports is usually the preferred option for families trying to do something together. However, when neither you nor your kids are exactly keen on physical activity and perhaps you are used to a more sedentary lifestyle, choosing something strenuous won’t be such a good idea. This is why you should think about trying netball. Being a social sport, netball focuses more on interaction and fun instead of physical activity.

Netball requires you to run around the pitch, change direction quickly and sprint. This means you will be staying physically active. However, considering how fun an relaxing it is, you won’t feel like you are putting in any effort. It will provide you with an optimal setting for social interactions, so besides getting closer to your kids, you can help them meet and socialize with new people as well. Once you start playing social netball once, everyone in the family will want to repeat the experience and you will end up creating some lovely memories.


Spending more time with your kids and spouse and doing something good for the community at the same time implies a win-win situation. That is why you should think about finding an organisation with a great cause in your city and volunteer together. Putting your kids in the situation of seeing how less-fortunate people live will determine them to open their eyes and be more considerate of others. It will also help them develop a sense of responsibilities and compassion. It doesn’t matter what organisation you pick out and what type of volunteering work you will be doing, as long as you will be helping the community, this could actually help your relationship with your family.  

Playing board games

Everyone loves a good board game. The competition, the excitement, the fun - this type of activity has all the ingredients necessary for a successful family night. You can find a game that your kids enjoy but one that fosters your own interest as well. The variety available nowadays on the market will make it easy for you to come across something you like. However, to avoid any “fights”, it’s better to stay away from options that are a bit too competitive, such as monopoly, for example. Opt for something interactive and easy to learn.


If you have a back yard, you should start using it to its maximum potential. Gardening is the type of hobby that provides impressive benefits, starting with stress relief and up to improved sleep. While this is enjoyable to do solo, it becomes even more pleasant when you do it together with your loved ones. This is a wonderful experience for the children, it helps them build practical skills and it will allow everyone to release energy and combat stress. Whether you plant tomatoes or flowers, gardening will be equally rewarding and satisfying.



Seeing beautiful sceneries, spending time outdoors, getting a bit active - hiking can come with various great benefits for you and your family. If you live in a mountainous area, this should be something you do from time to time. If not, you can plan a couple of road trips a month and explore places that allow you to go on adventurous hikes. Hiking can have positive effects on your mental and physical health, and because you’ll have all your loved ones close, you can use this activity to also solidify your relationship with them. Suggest this idea at a family dinner and see if you can get everyone on board.


You don’t need to a great voice to sing your heart out. Karaoke makes you step outside your comfort zone, have fun and share some laughs. It doesn’t matter if you go to a karaoke bar (if your children are old enough) or you buy your own karaoke station and engage in this activity at home, it’s impossible not to enjoy yourselves to the fullest. If you know how to play the guitar or another musical instrument it will be even better.

Engaging in activities together will allow you to strengthen your bond as a family, and perhaps overcome the generation gap differences that might often trigger issue in the household. Developing a passion for something will provide you with appealing benefits. If you were looking for the perfect option here, you might find the ideas suggested above useful. From social netball to karaoke, each one of these recommendations is likely to be enjoyed by all family members, regardless of age.