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Create a spa-heaven at home

Jan 22, 2019

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There are times, when the only way you can relax is spending an entire day at the spa. People nowadays are living a life full of stress, their jobs are time consuming, and they forget to care for themselves. But, who says that you can relax only if you hit the spa twice a week, you can create your own spa, in the comfort of your home. If you have a bathroom that is part of the master bedroom then you can create a luxury oasis. Sometimes, all you need to cheer up is to have a 30 minutes bath, if you soak in your bathtub for half of the hour, and you pour into the water your favourite fragrance of bubble bath, you will get into a relaxation state immediately.

Your self-care should be a priority for you, and it can start with creating your own spa at home. Yes, it does not have the same effect like a professional massage, but on the days when you cannot see your therapist, a beautiful room waiting for you at home can do wonders for your body.

Here is our guide on how to create a spa-inspired bathroom at home.

Use hardwood instead of tiles for the floor

The Beverly Hills houses should serve you as inspiration, if you want to create a spa-heaven at home. All the houses have something in common when it comes to the master baths; they have hardwood on the floor. Some of the surfaces are made from marble, but when it comes to the floor, hardwood is preferred because it offers the space a softer and lighter feel.

If you want to complete the experience, and you are building your bathroom from scratch, you should also add floor heating and built-in speakers.

Mix different types of metals

Mixed metals are a high trend nowadays, not only for bathrooms, but also for the other rooms of the house. If you want to offer your bathroom a luxurious vibe, you can do it with a simple trick; you can mix warm and cool metals. The most common combinations are the ones from nickel and brass, or gold and chrome. The combination of multiple types of metals helps you add personality to your space, and it makes it look more stylish.

But when combining metals you have to pay attention to the way you mix and match them, because there are certain rules you have to follow. If your bathroom is small, you should maintain a balance, and use a dominant metal finish mixed with smaller accents of another one. If you want to make sure that you do not ruin the design of the bathroom by adding different metal finishes, you should be creative with the taps, because in the majority of cases they have to be purchased separately. The best way to get that spa look at home is to pair a tap in a warm shade with an accessory in a cool hue.

Open the bathroom to the outdoor space

The key to obtaining a bathroom that enhances your relaxing mood is to design it in a way that allows you get into communion with nature. And because you cannot build it outdoors, you can open it onto a balcony or onto your garden. If the bathroom is opening to a private space, no one else besides you has access to, then it is no reason not to use French doors or glass decorative panels to connect the indoor and outdoor spaces. The specialists from Proto Glass Studios state that a bathroom spa featuring an exterior decorative glass instead of a traditional closed one offers people a new level of relaxation.

When choosing which one of the walls of the bathroom will be replaced with a glass door or window, make sure to opt for the one that connects with natural elements. A garden with trees, flowers and a green lawn is the perfect view.

Soft lights

If you ask yourself how spas manage to make you feel relaxed and comfortable from the moment you step into the resort, you should know that the secret is the light. The average bathroom is built to feature harsh light, but if you want to have a spa feeling the moment you soak in the tub, you should opt for more soft light. Luxury bathrooms feature mood lighting, because in the morning everyone needs bright light to get up and start their day in a fresh manner. But in the evening, when you take a shower before bed, you want to get the opposite effect, you have to relax your body and mind, and get to sleep feeling peaceful.

You should install, in the bathroom cabinets and mirrors with LED lights that can be switched on when you want to spend time in the hot tub without being bothered by the strong light of the fixtures. Adjust the level of brightness according to your mood.

A great option is to separate the shower space, from the one where the bathtub is located. Use decorative glass shower screens, they will enhance the atmosphere, and will maintain the light at a dimmed level. When people spend time in the bathtub, they want to have a cosy and romantic feeling, and a decorative glass screen can help you achieve it.                        

Install a spa bathtub

The best way to achieve at home, the same relaxation state you have, when you return from the spa, is to soak into a bathtub. A spa bathtub will offer you a splurge; it will create the impression of a hotel-look-alike space. The models made from thick steel are the best choices because they retain the heat for a long period of time. Make sure you also add a bath tray, as a bath accessory, because you want to have everything at hand during your soak. Place there your favourite book, a scented candle, and a glass of wine. It will instantly enhance your mood, you will feel it from the first moments you seclude yourself in the bathroom.