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Unique ways to promote a family business

Nov 13, 2018

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A lot of business motivational speakers romanticize the concept of family business. And while the idea of working together as a family to build a business sounds like a happily ever after story, it usually isn’t so straightforward. Family might come with a lot of love, but it also comes with a lot of baggage. One of the most crucial stressors is separating work from personal life as they eventually blend into an intricate, undefinable nature.

Once you decide to build a business under a family name, the working dynamic will have to evolve, and for those who decide to walk that path, this article is for you. The family business model is the oldest form of business organization in the world, but it’s got its rough roads. But then again, while building a family business can get intense, it’s also gratifying.

When it comes down to the actual business aspect though, there are a lot of similarities with traditional corporate business. As such, like running any other business, certain fundamental elements and structures have to be in place to permit growth and sustainability. The business plan is one of such important foundations, and so are the marketing plans and strategies, recruitment plans and retention plans.


I assume that you already have the basics of business nailed down, else you wouldn’t be dreaming of starting on in the first place. The biggest issue most family business face is increasing sales. To increase sales, you have to have a working promotional strategy. So, here are unique ways to promote your family business guaranteed to create a lasting legacy.


Develop a Robust Social Media and Email Marketing Strategy

Many family-owned businesses have this bad habit of taking their feet off the gas when things are going smoothly, but this has negative effects on the long-term sustainability of sales because there will always be down periods for every business. But if you continue your marketing efforts even in successful times will help down days a lot easier to navigate through. After all, there is no such thing as too much success.

We are almost into the third decade of the 21st century. Any business that doesn’t have an online presence is either overestimating their income or joking with their sales prospects. Start by creating an email list. Get people to subscribe to your newsletter to receive updates. Make coupons occasionally—they are an easy way to get new customers through the door and keep old ones. Ask satisfied customers to leave reviews that are accessible to the public. Create catchy pop up banners. Whatever you do, do not relent on social media marketing. Make catchy visual and graphic content and ooze positive vibes across all social media channels. As long as people keep seeing your business online, your list of customers can only keep growing.

Try New Things

The best way to keep growing to keep coming up with creative ways to interact with your audience. If you keep doing the same things all over again, your sales will flat line. The marketing world is constantly evolving. No matter how much your old strategies keep working, it pays to switch things up every once in a while. Advertise with popup stands UK to boost visibility, go on road walks and door to door marketing. Embrace word of mouth marketing. If your budget allows, consider outsourcing your marketing to professionals. 

Know Your Customers

To be able to ensure optimum communication with your customers, you need to get to know them as much as you need them to get to know you. Times change and people change too. Find out their buying habits and lifestyles. Nothing works more than a company that truly understands their customers. Business is about identifying needs and meeting them. Online polls are cheap and easy to set up, take advantage of these at little to no cost. Take surveys and facilitate focus groups. Once you can meet your customers’ needs, your sales will skyrocket.

Listen to Customer Feedback and Be Willing to Make Improvements

Nothing runs a business more than managers who refuse to listen. Sure, you are doing a lot of talking in putting your family business out there, but are you ready to listen? Use the polls and surveys from the previous point and learn from your customers to serve them better. Encourage your customers to give you feedback, then use those to make important changes.

Most Importantly, Maintain Constant Communication with Your Family

Don’t be complacent when everything is going smoothly. A crucial factor for family business growth is constant understanding of all members involved. Discuss marketing plans, do research together, make sure everyone is on board with decisions. Don’t make anyone feel left out. Dissent can give room for contempt. With contempt, the business will only steer itself towards implosion.