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How Toll Free Numbers can help in Corporate Marketing?

Aug 16, 2019

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There are many powerful business tools that can help companies to enhance their identity. These tools can deliver better outcomes and create opportunities to raise the standard of doing business. One of the key assets that can help them to achieve this objective is toll free number. A reliable toll free number provider will offer affordable calling plans and services.

In terms of communication, these numbers offer several services that can help companies reach global audiences. Since these numbers don’t take charges from the callers, so people get a sense of trust and reliability with the companies that utilize these numbers.

Here are the top features that can be used with these numbers:

  • Call forwarding
  • Call routing
  • Voice/video conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Virtual reception
  • 2-way calling
  • Music on hold
  • IVR auto attendant
  • CRM integrations & tools
  • Call reporting

The significance of toll free numbers is not just restricted to communication, but also resides for advertising and business marketing. As we know that these numbers don’t cut charges from callers, so companies will provide a leverage to their audiences to reach them conveniently. This is a kind of marketing that companies utilize.

Moreover, there are some other factors which make these number a reliable marketing tools for businesses:

Implementing with Promotions

Advertising your business or enterprise using impressive banner will always help to attract your target audiences. You just need to implement user-engaging content, which is the key factor of driving traffic for your business. While including images and texts, if you put toll free number on them, then you are giving the leverage to your audiences to reach you conveniently.

In addition, these numbers can also be added to the social media posts while promoting your brand. When people find your posts relevant to their requirements then they might attempt to call on your toll free number. This will create opportunities of generating leads and converting them into profitable sales.

Using on Websites & Other Applications

Companies also upload their contact information on their professional websites, which is a mandatory option for them. This is a much-required step for the companies as they need to give their audiences a reliable resource for communication. With toll-free services, customers will able to reach their services providers and other companies.

Moreover, you can also use these numbers on your social media profiles in About Us sections. Even on LinkedIn, you need to include this number to have a better reflection of your professional identity on targeted audiences. The more you share this number, more the chances you will get for generating sales and leads for your business.

Among some major communication assets, toll free number can really establish a great significance for calling businesses. However, if you are looking forward to utilize it as a marketing tool then it would also be advantageous for your business. A toll free number for business can always be a useful business asset, and provide some great opportunities to reach more number of audiences.

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