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How to Popularize your Virtual Toll Free Number

Jul 20, 2018

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Business phone numbers are every beneficial for companies as they enhance their communication channels with better quality. The best use of a virtual numbers is marketing and most of the companies utilize them for this purpose mostly. However, if you bought a toll free number for growing your business, then you need to spread it in the market to attract customers.

Toll free numbers are considered as one of the best marketing tool as they don’t charge costs from the callers. Also, people rely more on those companies which have their own toll free number because it reflects a professional image of a company. Still you will need to popularize it to gain more audiences from the market and increase their reach for your business.

Here are some great practices which can make your virtual toll free numbers popular in the market:

  • Implementing it on company’s website

Since website is a great resource for promoting a company’s products and services, you should insert toll free number on it.
When people want to know about a particular business, they mostly visit their website first, and when they see toll free number, they will get to know about your professionalism. Utilize your website with full advantage and display the number on every page.


  • Promote with marketing campaigns

Use your toll free number with all other marketing campaigns like email marketing or social media marketing. This will maximize your efforts for promoting the number and it will reach a huge number of customers.


You can also utilize this number as a traceable marketing tool. This will help you to know more about customers as well as techniques which can drive more leads, sales and generate better ROI for your business.


  • Advertise of social channels

Social media sites have gained so much popularity that almost every user is actively present on them. FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc are all great platforms for advertising and promotions. So, you can easily get traffic through these sites by promoting virtual numbers and if you make quality posts you can get loyal customers as well.


In addition, social sites are also good resources for promoting your company’s products and services. So, when you posts quality content on the social sites the users will attract more and can become regular visitor of your company’s site.


  • Implement click-to-call

As we know that this is an era of smart phone, so if you enable click to call feature with this number you can get great traffic and leads. It will not just help users to interact quickly, but also get to know about the quality services of a company. As a result, the customer will satisfy with quality interaction and can become loyal customer.

There are numerous benefits of utilizing toll free numbers as they are a good source for enlarging the presence of a brand. These numbers bring you lot of customers throughout their life and if they are implemented with advance business phone systems like IVR (interactive voice response), customer will get a unique experience, making them to trust your brand.