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Jacqueline Rodriguez

Jackie|Puerto Rico

Jesus is the center of my life!

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Jacqueline Rodriguez


Nov 20, 1967


San Juan [00914], Puerto Rico ()

My Status:

Jesus is the center of my life!

My Goals:

Is to be always in God's will for my life. I also want to use my talents for the kingdom.

My Church:

Christian Community Church






The Rock Radio Network (Missions): Public Relations, Employee (I make sure that the Radio Department runs smoothly, that our producer have everything they need. I am also the contact person between the broadcasters and the station. I am also an on air announcer, do spots, produce a 5 minute program and automate. I handle promotions as well... Let's see, I am)

Skills & Hobbies:


Favorite Preacher:

This one is hard, let's see: Chuck Swindoll, Sugel Michelen (Palabra de Gracia), Charles Stanley and

Favorite Music:

Classical music of all kinds, opera, chamber music, classic rock n' roll, 80's music, Maná... I love ethnic music, especially flamenco, tango, I also enjoy salsa, reggae, anything melow and loungy... I think I am quite versatile. I still have a lot to learn about Christian music in general, since it used to be very cheezy and now it's getting a ot better. I also love hymns, anytime and anywhere...

Favorite Bands/Artists:

Maná is one of my very favorite. I still have to know who is who in Christian music. I hd the pleasure of listening to Larnelle Harris and I think he is absolutely AMAZING.

Favorite Books:

La Biblia, La Víspera del Hombre de Enrique Laguerre, Puertorrican literature, devotionals are something I also enjoy quite a bit. I find biographies are a great source if inspiration as well.

Favorite Films:

Lately... La Vie en Rose, Elsa y Fred, The Firm, A Few God Men, Rush Hour I, II & III, You've Got Mail, Flamenco & Tango de Carlos Saura, anything from Pedro Almodóvar, True Lies, Blue, Cirano de Bergerac cn Gérard Dépardieu, The Bourne Identity-Supremacy and the last one...what was the title? The Italian Job is fun... I love foreign films a little too much...

My Heroes:

I don't have any exept my dad and other family members. I consider Jesus my all in all... I love the Apostle Paul and Job, Daniel, Isaiah... wow so many in the Bible!

Favorite Vacation Spots:

Anywhere in Puerto Rico, anywhere where there are amazing beaches. I loved travelling through France, I also lived my first five years in Frankfurt, Germany. Have also been to Costa Rica and a few states of the USA. My last long trip was to Israel, where I spent 17 amazing days. What I want to do next is god to Europe and stay for a long time, so I can see and enjoy the daily life.

Family Status:


My family means to me:

Family is very important to me, I am from Puerto Rico, so family is just a part of everything. By the way, I am an only child and I love it, although every now and then I would have loved a couple of older brothers, I enjoy guys energy.


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Jackie Jesus is the center of my life!

Jackie Jesus Christ is the center of my life.

Jackie God has called me to Law School, so now I begin a new path...looking forward to what He has prepared ahead!

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