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Learn about the Midmark M9D, Midmark and Autoclaves

Aug 10, 2018

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Today I would like to talk about the Midmark M9D. This is an autoclave offered by the company Midmark Ritter. If you don't know what an autoclave is I should probably tell you what the is first. An autoclave is essentially a washer machine for doctors. Think of it like how restaurants must have proper washing machines to clean their plates and cutlery. Doctors must have proper sterilization equipment to clean their medical instruments. This medical equipment is referred to as an autoclave.

Now that you understand what autoclaves I are can begin to tell you more about the Midmark Ritter M9D Ultraclave Sterilizer Autoclave. The M9D is an autoclave that sterilizes medical equipment. It is one of the best selling autoclaves to come from the Midmark Ritter company.

The only other autoclaves that you can compare the m9d to as far as sales go would be the m11 and the m9. The m9 is essentially the same as the Midmark M9D but it has an automatic door. This makes the Midmark M9 more convenient but at the same time more expensive. If you did not manually open your door within a proper time frame using the m9d your medical instruments may need to be cleaned again. The m9 takes away that step but also comes at a higher price. Most medical professionals are responsible with their time management and it is probably why the m9d out sells the m9.

The Midmark m11 is very much like both the m9 and m9d but the key difference with this autoclave is it is much larger in size. The M11 has a larger chamber size. The diameter is 11 inches in contrasts to the m9ds 9 inches. The Midmark M11 is 3 inches deeper than the m9d. What is overlooked is the amount of liquid an autoclave can hold but the m11 can hold double to the m9d. The m9d can hold up to 3.5 gallons.

Why the M9D is the subject today is because it is one of the most popular autoclaves on the market. The combination of its functionality and affordability is what makes the medical sterilizing machine very appealing.

If you own a medical practice and are new to autoclaves chances are buying a Midmark M9D is your best bet. As most merchants of the m9d have a very low if not at all return rate on this specific autoclave. If the medical professionals are keeping this item which is over one thousand dollars, it must be doing something right. Midmark is also a very trusted medical brand. If you know anyone in the medical field from registered nurses, physical therapists to family physicians there is 99% if not 100% chance they have heard of Midmark. Brands popular like Midmark would be their main competitor Tuttnauer. They are the main adversaries to the company that sells the m9ds because they also sell autoclaves. Think of Midmark and Tuttnauer like Coke and Pepsi. These 2 companies are biggest players in the autoclaves industry. Outside of midmark and Tuttnauer are other well known brands like welch allyn, clinton industries and Dynarex. All of these companies specialize in a specific area of the medical field but are in market with Midmark.

If you want to know more specifics about the midmark m9d our best suggestion would be to look at the midmark autoclave comparison chart. But if you are in a rush and want us to tell you now we will. The Midmark M9D has a medium sized chamber. The overall size of the m9d is 23.8 inches long, 17.8 inches wide and 17.8 inches in height. Each m9d comes with 4 full ims cassettes. Along with that they also include two large trays and two small trays. These are used to hold your medical instruments in place during the sterilization process. As mentioned before an autoclave is similar to a washing machine and just like a washing machine it has a unwrapped cycle time. For the m9d the cycle time is between 14 to 19 minutes. The voltage of an m9d is 115V 50/60Hz. Talking about electricity we should also mention the power usage. The power that this autoclave uses is 1425 watts or 15 amp. For most people this would not be considered a light item in weight. The total pounds of the m9d is 81.

Overall the Midmark M9D is an excellent autoclave.