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stefan mihai


I wound up supplanting the speakers in my BMW E36 M3 since well, they're very nearly 20 years of age. The old speaker were Harmon Kardon so I would not like to supplant them with simply any old speaker. I fill in as an auto tech and do vehicle sound establishments as a profession time going to class, and still can't seem to discover a speaker that even approaches these JBL's by Harmon Kardon. The quality that these speakers create is completely marvelous! In the event that you are into High loyalty or see yourself as an audiophile I would exceptionally think about buying these speakers! I was a little stressed over supplanting these from the first Harmon Kardon speakers (Even idea they are paper cones lol) in light of the fact that I was anxious they would not live up to my desires, but rather I was totally overwhelmed. The highs are fresh perfect yet not very overwhelming (not that you couldn't modify that with your EQ later), the lows hit in all the correct spots and with definitely no twisting. I would anyway prescribe running these with an enhancer to make sure you realize you are getting all 100% out of the speaker. I'm certain they are fine being kept running at 5 watts RMS (I have introduced the less expensive rendition with the orange tweeters in numerous autos with no amp and they constantly stable incredible), yet in case you will make the venture for these speakers you should do it the correct way. These speakers are certainly made with top notch materials and MADE TO LAST! These speakers will no uncertainty confront the trial of time, yet the components too. JBL works superbly at providing the essential equipment for mounting the tweeters you ought not need to do any if little customization to make them fit any application (side note: the tweeters are kinda little, however don't give that a chance to dishearten you from purchasing these awful young men they pack a significant punch). The Crossover is planned astoundingly well, maybe somewhat enormous for everything that is inside, however of course greater is generally in every case better with regards to hybrids. I have just had the speakers for about multi day now, yet I have just had more than 8 hours of play time with them. I truly don't have anything negative to say in regards to these speakers aside from perhaps that I lament not getting them sooner. Superb employment JBL/Harmon Kardon on an extraordinary item!

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