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May 22, 2019

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No doubt that TikTok growing as viral trends, more and more marketers found its social marketing ability. You can find the Ads already•online in China TikTok and Japan TikTok, even in China people can directly make purchase on TikTok now.


So, we can see the many small business start to think of proper ways on cash ability in social marketing. Here, the proper way means high traffic and high conversion, the most important is the cost we pay. We do think in soon time, the cash-ability will be highly considered instead of normal criteria, like views, fans, and so on.


Marketers for TikTok mostly is new users, we have to learn the way from everywhere, especially from original place, China. The first thing is to how to create TikTok content, we need to view and analyze other uses content. TikTok online will be important for us in this way. Therefore, the content casted in strategy will be better than randomly created, we suggest users to use proper TikTok viewer make the job easier!

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