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The procedure of laying asphalt

Feb 01, 2019

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The procedure of laying asphalt

When we talk about the procedure of laying asphalt, if you are going to build your road yourself, (or hair an Asphalt paving company nearest you for your this work). You should consider the place where you want to build an asphalt road, now you need to know the amount of work, (contact with the best driveway paving contractor for a free estimate of your work) noted where you want to make entrance and exits. This is also important to consider the location of underground communications and landscape features. Now calculate the drain system correctly, so that not to have problems with wastewater disposal in the future. You also should have to consider the large trees present along the way because over the time the roots of trees increase and may tear asphalt layer. When you consider all the things now there is the discussion of the procedure of laying asphalt.

Clean the surface:

In the asphalt paving process if the driveway is already paved, then the first step is the removal of the previous layer of asphalt.


If this is a new project then the initial step is to remove the top layer of soil. Soil removal is done with the help of special equipment like a bulldozer, or an excavator. Now, how deep you have to need to remove the soil? This depends on many different factors. If you want to build a simple asphalt path, you need to remove 10-25cm of soil, the greater the load need the deeper it will be necessary to prepare the foundation.

Preparation of the base before laying asphalt:

Be sour that water will not accumulate on the surface of the driveway if there is rain. The removal of soil must be removed before laying asphalt process is started. To compact the ground and gravel, you have to need a compactor roller. If you want to make a good asphalt driveway with your own hands, (or contact with the best driveway paving contractors) you need to lay a solid foundation. The base for the pavement should be hard and non-rigid. In case the load on the coating is low with traffic intensity, such parameters of the base will suit for you. In the area of the entrance to the house, the layer must be 15 cm, for the walkways 5-10 cm layer is sufficient. Crushed stone requires packing and compaction, as well as uniform distribution. It is important to note that laying a larger layer is impractical. After the laying of large stones, the laying of granite crushed stone of a smaller fraction of 20-40 mm follows. Its thickness is about 10 cm. The last layer is of sand. At this stage, it is suitable to spill the whole flooring with water so that it will settle down and become more durable.

Now there is a need of a roller for good settle of this layer. If the quality of the base is good then the service of the future coating and durability of the road is good. A concrete foundation poured with massive concrete may also be used to prepare the base of asphalt. But this method of preparing of asphalt base is rarely used because it is much more expensive. This method is used during the construction of runways in the aircraft industry.

For the materials of preparing the bases of the asphalt surface, you can use the broken stones or ordinary broken bricks. If you are using bricks, then it is important that it will be compressed very well. So, this base will be strong enough and will be able to successfully withstand heavy loads. However, the processes of laying broken stones and bricks are considerable time consuming so the process itself is difficult.

The process of preparation of broken stones-sand mixture also indicates the installation of concrete stones. The border is important not only from an attractive point of view but also necessary to prevent the spread of asphalt and protective for the reliability of the coating. For small tracks, you can install small curbs.

The final step “laying asphalt on the base”

To get the full advantages and preserves the working of asphalt use your own hands to prepare asphalt. The best choice is to buy already prepared and hot asphalt from a plant near you. As the cost of the finished asphalt from the asphalt plant will be lower than will be lower than making your own asphalt. On average, one ton of asphalt is enough for asphalting ten square meters with a thickness of 10 to 12 cm.


For asphalting your driveway it is important that during this whole process the at least temperature should be 5 degrees Celsius. So, therefore, chose a dry and sunny day to pave your driveway or parking lot. Also, you should consider that the violation of the technology of laying asphalt leads to rapid operational wear and ends with the manifestation of premature destruction of the asphalt surface. Therefore compact the surface of asphalt well with the help of a roller.

Allow the asphalt layer to dry

For a good result, it is recommended that dry time is required that can vary between 24 hours to 48 hours. Use tapes around the newly installed driveway or a parking lot to increase the beauty.