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Awdrie Audrey

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How to choose the right cologne

Feb 20, 2019

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So how should you pick the right Cologne? Honestly, reading reviews online or elsewhere is not the best way just because everyone's nose is different and the same cologne can smell different based on your natural body odor. So before you go out to a store or before you acquire samples, here are a few things that I think you have to understand.

Things you have to understand about perfumes before purchasing.

First of all, understand the ingredients. A lot of perfumes contain various fragrances, water, and alcohol, to create something that is unified and complementary. Previously, essential oils would be used to include the scents to the Fragrance. Widely known essential oils include floral, mint, musky and woodsy, for example. I'm a massive fan of lemongrass; sadly, many manufacturers will certainly not detail the essential oils on the components list since they wish to keep the deep dish. As you can visualize, squeezing hundreds as well as thousands of pounds for merely a couple of ounces of pure rose oil is not only really expensive, yet the final result of the scent and also the fragrance likewise relies on the season, on the climate, and even everything that goes into growing this all-natural plant, natural herb, or seasoning. So when manufacturers use natural oils, they may encounter issues with uniformity. In one year, the lemongrass will undoubtedly be much greater smelling than in other years, and so it is difficult to develop a consistent experience for the beautiful ladies perfume. Due to that, the majority of essential oils used in Fragrance today are derived artificially; by doing this, you can guarantee a certain degree of uniformity, and also at the same time, it's a great deal less costly. If you read the term fragrance on the ingredients list, you can safely assume it is 100% synthetic because most manufacturers would highlight the fact that they used natural essential oils. That being said, the best fragrances are still derived naturally, but they also come at a higher price point.


Two, I suggest you understand the fragrance wheel. There are many different variations. Scents are categorized into floral, oriental, fresh, and woody, sometimes also in aromatic. Ultimately, this is just a, and if you haven't smelled any of this before, it won't be of any help, however, once you've found colognes that you like and you've analyzed what is in them, this can help you find related colognes that you might also like. Ultimately, you want to narrow down the selection of potential favorites for you by using the wheel. For a more detailed look at the fragrance wheel, please head over to our website.

Three, before you buy Avoryshlain perfume offers, it's essential to sample it in person. Why? You might ask. Well again, it's your nose, and everyone's perception of smell is different, on top of that, it's essential that you smell a cologne for at least 30 minutes, ideally up to an hour individually, before you decide on buying it. So why do I have to wait 30 minutes to one hour if I can smell the Cologne right away, you might wonder? Well actually, it all comes down to understanding the fragrance pyramid. A cologne consists of base notes, heart notes, and top notes. The high record is the most volatile of the three, meaning it evaporates most quickly and it's what you can typically smell when you spray the Cologne onto your arm or a tester strip. Often, it's described as fresh or assertive or sharp, and it's never on its own because you also have elements of the heart note and the base note that go into its perception.


That being said, I always suggest to test the Cologne on your skin and never just on a tester strip because your natural odor impacts the way you and others perceive that scent.