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How to protect your device from the target penetration

Mar 10, 2019

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When you close cmd, you will not be able to penetrate your computer in targeted ways, which is called a targeted hack.

What is the target penetration : target 
penetration depends mainly on the IP 'is to get hacker on the IP of a certain person' When the hacker on this IPregardless of how to get the IP of an elderly or other - will enter your IP program Called metasploit and will do a comprehensive examination of the gaps in your device the same programs' After the examination will show the open portes of your device and gaps in the system Hacker will exploit these gaps to enter your device.

And the methods of exploitation many 'and once the exploitation of these gaps will enter your computer and will control it through the inclusion of orders for the program metasploit

Important Note : 
Some programs need a command prompt when they are installed . For example, if you want to check your device and external connections, you need to run it and after installing and rebooting, return it.

This is a meta-action such as a command line action "trampling"

For example, write the command: 
msf exploit (ccproxy_telnet_ping)> set LHOST

Method of closing trodden are as follows:
- Start 
2. Run 
3. Copy this word gpedit.msc , 
4- Select " Administrative Templates " 
5. System 
6 - from the left of the folder Double Click Click on the block access to the wave of orders " 
7. If we want Tightening the trampling we choose " possible " 
8. Apply and OK

If your device is in English or for the owners of the 7 " 
4- Administrativ Templates
5- System 
6- To Prevent the access the command Prompt The 
possible = the Enabled 
Not Configured = Do Not Configured

Now go to DOS and make sure it is closed as 
soon as you open the window just click enter will close the trample and 
this is a proof to close it "

If you want to return the opening of the wave of lights "trampling" follow the same steps above, change the 
possible " to " non-component "

May God bless and bless our master and our master Muhammad "the best prayers and delivery"

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