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Want a Burglar Proof Home? These Simple Security Tips Can Help

May 22, 2019

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Almost 4 million homes are burglarized every year. For those homes affected, victims are lucky if all they lose are a handful valuables given that outcomes could be much more grave.

If you worry about the potential for break-ins, you're not alone. People all across America lose sleep over not feeling secure in their house and find themselves scratching their heads wondering how they can be proactive in protecting themselves.

This article aims to help answer those questions and ultimately, aims to help you create a burglar proof home.

Below are some tips that can increase your home security and keep your family safe.

1. Manage Your Landscaping

Landscaping doesn't usually make its way into the burglar proof home conversation. That's too bad because unkempt lawns present ample opportunities to bad actors.

Burglars can navigate through tall grass and bushes undetected which can make accessing your house without raising alarm from neighbors simple. Unkempt landscaping also creates conditions where criminals can hide among the brush and sneak up on you as you're coming or going from your house.

2. Don't Hide Keys Outside

No matter how much you invest in security, you can't burglar proof your home adequately if you choose to leave keys outside for family members, a friendly electrician or anyone else.

It doesn't matter how good your hiding place is. It doesn't matter if you bought a special rock that has a secret access port.

If you can get access to your keys uninhabited then so can a burglar. The consequences of that truth could turn out catastrophic, so please, keep your keys stored in a safe place at all times.

3. Check Out Crime Reports

Knowledge is power when it comes to crime prevention. Fortunately, all of the knowledge that you need regarding what dangers are present in your community can be found online.

There are numerous websites that allow you to look into various crime reports in your area. If you're seeing that theft and break-ins are common, you need to double down on your security efforts.

If you're not able to access crime data online, talk to your local police station.

All crimes are public record and they should point you in the right direction of how to get informed.

4. Don't Advertise Recent Purchases

You might not think that setting your flat screen TV's box on the curb for pickup is a big deal. The truth is though, that box is a giant advertisement which lets potential criminals know what can be found in your house.

To put off less of a signal to potential criminals, we recommend breaking down boxes and stuffing them into your recycling bin rather than leaving whole boxes out to be picked up by trash services.

5. Invest in Quality Security Cameras

There are a lot of fake security camera providers out there that offer sub-par products and services at discount rates. While paying a little bit of money for security is tempting, what you're getting isn't worth the money saved.

Do extensive research on security services providers before choosing to do business with a particular company. Aim for a service provider that's well reviewed and has an aggressive money-back-guarantee policy.

6. Upgrade Your Windows

Nobody wants to live in a house without windows. It's a shame though that windows, however necessary, present criminals with ample opportunity to stage a break in.

To get the best of both worlds, ditch the stock windows that came with your home and upgrade to windows that are built to withstand impacts.

There are a number of shatter-proof glass options out there that are worth investing in. Alternatively, you could install metal bars over windows but doing so presents some aesthetic and safety concerns that may outweigh their benefit.

7. Have a Lock Down Routine

Safety is a by-product of consistency. If you truly want to create a burglar proof home, make it a point to create a safety routine that you and your family members can run through at the end of the day.

This routine should include ensuring that all windows are locked down, that all doors are latched and that outside lights are on.

If you have security cameras or an alarm system, make sure that they're activated.

In today's tech-focused world, a number of digital assistants like Amazon's Alexa are capable of locking down and arming your house with a specific voice command.

8. Come Up With a Plan for When You're Away

Most criminals are creatures of opportunity. Very few are looking for confrontation.

That means that, when you're away on vacation, your house is at the highest risk.

You can dilute a lot of that risk by having a security plan in place. This plan should include notifying neighbors to check in on your house, having lights automatically turn on and off at certain hours to present the illusion that somebody is home and anything else that might work to thwart criminals.

Closing Out Our Simple Tips on How to Create a Burglar Proof Home

As you've come to find out from our tips above, taking simple steps like keeping your landscaping in good shape and partnering with a quality security cameras provider can collectively work to help you create a burglar proof home.

Do what you can to start being proactive in your burglar proofing efforts. The longer you wait, the higher the risk you run of losing your valuables or worse.

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