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Thinking of Opening a Coffee Shop? Read These Tips First!

May 14, 2019

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Currently, Americans are drinking more coffee than they ever have before.

In fact, 64% of adults in the US say that they drink at least one cup every day. Whether it's a dark French roast or a whipped vanilla latte, there's a coffee beverage for everyone.

This means, of course, that a coffee shop can be an incredibly lucrative investment. After all, they're not only a place that people can not only pick up a delicious drink on the way to work. They're also a great spot to get work done, socialize with friends, or go on a first date.

If you're interested in becoming a successful entrepreneur, opening a coffee shop might be the way to go. Here, we're going to give you a few tips and tricks to help you open a successful cafe.

Consider the Finances

When you're looking to start up a store, there are going to be costs that you didn't even consider. Of course, you'll need to rent out a space and pay for the goods- in this case, coffee beans- that you're going to sell, but have you considered the costs of machinery? How about cleaning equipment?

In opening a coffee shop, there are a lot of unexpected costs. Since it's a food service, you're going to need to pay for an inspection to get FDA approved in addition to buying sanitation devices and equipment.

This may seem overwhelming, but don't worry! You can figure out how much things will cost you as well as how much profit you'll make by setting up a budget. This way, you won't overspend during the initial startup.

Check out this article for a more in-depth list of the things that you'll have to buy. It includes both the items that you'll need as well as their cost, so you can budget as smoothly as you possibly can!

Ask for Help

We know: the coffee shop was your idea and you're the one making decisions regarding it.

Nothing is going to change that. There's nothing to fear in asking for help with startup, though. After all, people can get more accomplished when they work together than they can on their own.

Plus, everyone has their own strengths! Maybe your friend is better at setting a budget than you are- use that strength to your advantage. Look into hiring decorators to make your theme and location spot-on.

It might also help to ask around and find out what other people like in a coffee shop. By finding out what others think will make your shop successful, you can better gear up to make your patrons happy when you finally open your doors.

Find a Theme

Most successful coffee shops have a theme. By this, we mean a decorating scheme as well as a menu that ties together. Whether you're into cartoons and animation or creating a rustic vibe, there are different ways you can use your interests to appeal to your audience.

For example, let's say you want a Victorian theme for your coffee shop. You can get wooden furniture and decorate with paintings from the time period you're trying to give the feel of. You can also name drinks on your menu in creative and clever ways pertaining to the 1800s. 

You can also theme your coffee shop around something more specific. A Disney theme or a Jane Austen theme might bring audiences into your coffee shop that otherwise wouldn't come. 

The bottom line is to be creative! You don't want your business just to be more of the same thing that people see in every other coffee shop they go into. Keep things fresh!

Serve the Finest Brews

Of course, when starting up a place that sells coffee, you're going to have to think about... well, coffee. You're going to need to think about the kind of brews you want to have in the store.

It's always good to have a mix of light, medium and dark roasts. Plus, getting a lot of different kinds of coffee from other places in the world is always a great idea! Imported Colombian roasts and French presses are always popular. Finding drinks like these are a great way to get the ball rolling on business. 

Not everything is all fun and games, though. You're also going to need to learn how to find a supplier to get coffee into your shop. Even though this can be difficult, it really isn't as bad as it sounds.

All you have to do is find a supplier that you can reach out to and that will give you fast shipments at the cheapest cost. So talk to the person who's managing the money and talk to your potential suppliers. Communication is key.

It's All About Variety

When figuring out what kinds of coffee to serve, don't just stop at regular drip coffee. Variety is key to having a successful business, and there are so many d ifferent coffee drinks that people love.

What this means for you is that there might be other machines you should buy. For example, you're going to need a mixer if you want to make lattes. You're also going to need to get a machine to foam up those Cafe Au Laits and Americanos.

Don't fret about the money so much, though! Making investments like these are going to get you more money in the long run. After all, a coffee shop that didn't serve the drinks that people love most would be nowhere as competitive as one that only sold drip coffee.

Additionally, fancier drinks like this sell for more money. This means you probably won't even need to wait that long before seeing a profit!

Start Opening a Coffee Shop

Starting up any business is no easy task, and coffee houses are no exception. After all, from money to decoration to the actual coffee you'll be serving, there's a lot to consider when opening the doors to your new business.

Now that you know all about opening a coffee shop, click here to get some options for great music to play while your patrons drink and socialize!

In addition to the brews on your menu, these tunes are a great way to get people energized.

Have a blessed day and good luck with your new coffee house!